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All Things New

by Lynn Austin

I find this book...


(I use awesome to describe everything, like Michelangelo!) 

The setting is after the Civil War in Virginia (?)

An this famliy is not adjusting with no slaves they can't do anything for themselves!

Their slaves stay with them (even though they were planning to move west). The brother is totally EVIL Totally, trauma from the war and all.

One girl decides to change and except her new life with no slaves, and she strives to change her family too,she falls in love with a handsome young yankee, will this cause total rejection from her family and neighborhood, or will  all things become new?

That sounded like a total summary on the back of a book!!!


(There I go again!) 

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submitted by Hannah G., age 12
(October 29, 2014 - 1:18 am)