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Alanna. The First Adventure

by Tamora Pierce

This book is amazing! It's all about a young girl named
Alanna who desires to be a knight. But, in this time, girls are not allowed to
train as warriors. As the courageous young woman uses disguise and cunning to
become what she has always yearned to be, you will be drawn into a world of
adventure and excitement. I truly recommend adding this book to your

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submitted by Anna S., age 9
(November 27, 2015 - 8:16 pm)

I love this series! I've read the whole thing almost twice! I wish Tamora Pierce wrote more about her. Yes, she is mentioned a couple of times in The Protector of the Small series. That's also a great series!

submitted by Mary C., age 13 , Fleetwood, PA
(December 28, 2015 - 5:53 pm)