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The Penderwicks

by Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwicks is a wonderful book about sisters, friendship, and adventure. When they are no longer able to afford their home, Mr. Penderwick, a widower, and his four daughters move to a small cottage on the edge of a rich lady and her son's property, a lot of aventures follow. This book is great because the emotions in this book feel very realistic. Still one of my favorite books, even after a long time, The Penderwicks gets 5 stars!

Average: 4.9 (8 votes)
submitted by Remus Skeeter, age 12
(July 4, 2016 - 10:31 am)

Loved this book! Would also reccomend the sequels!

submitted by ThatPurpleKat, Illinois
(July 6, 2016 - 8:23 am)