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Three Days

by Donna Jo Napoli

Three Days is about a girl, Jackie, who is on a trip to Italy with her father. 

 While on their way to the place they were staying at, Jackie's father suddenly collapses at the wheel. Since they were in Italy, Jackie, who couldn't speak Italian, tries to flag down other cars, but to no avail. 

 But when a car containing two men pick up Jackie, they take her past the exits where the obvious hospitals and police offices are, and bring her deeper into the Italian countryside. With Jackie unsure of their intentions.

 This book is told in present tense. It is very intruiging, and the reader will want more after the end of the book and will also fall in love with certain characters.

 All in all, an interesting read.  

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submitted by Olive, age 12
(June 12, 2010 - 7:32 pm)