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The Rangers Apprentice Series numbers 1 through 9

by John Flanagan

These books are totally awesome!!! I have read all but number nine. It will come out soon. The titles are 1 Ruins of Gorlan, 2 Burning Bridge, 3 Icebounnd Lake, 4 Battle for Skandia, 5 Sorceror of the North, 6 Siege of Macindaw, 7 Erak's Ransom, 8 Kings of Clonmel, 9 Halts Peril, 10 [coming out soon] Emporer of Nihon-Ji

These are amazing medivel fantasies. If you like Harry Potter these books are great for you!

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submitted by Erin S., age 10
(July 13, 2010 - 11:06 am)

I agree! I mean, the plot and settings have been done thousands of times over, which is annoying, but I read it anyway because of the Dialogue, humor, and Halt.

This will seem like a very odd question, but... Does Evanlyn have freckles on her nose (or anywhere, for that matter)? I don't remember.

I was asking because I wondered if she fulfilled a certain cliche entirely, or just with her personality and rank. I'm getting a bit too DWJ-obsessed, I think...

submitted by Ima
(July 17, 2010 - 5:43 pm)