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House of Night Books, includes: Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted

by P.C. Cast, and Kristin Cast

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Book 1. Marked,

Zoey was just an ordinary high schooler when she was marked, but that doesn't stop her from being the most unique vampire fledgling in history.  (Marked means you will either become an adult vampire after 4 years or die, because your body rejects the change.) This means you  have to go to a vampire school, which is where Zoey finds out about her amazing powers, that will be put to the test, to bring down an elite group of other fledgling vamps. misusing the powers of the vampire goddess Nyx. 

Book 2.  Betrayed

The House of Night (Vampire Boarding School) is finally feeling like a home to Zoey, when her world is being turned Topsy turvy because of a betrayal that will truly be surprising to everyone!  Human teenagers are being killed but who is doing this???

Book 3. Chosen

Enemies are turning into friends while friends are becoming enemies.  Zoey's best friend Stevie Rae died, but then was brought back with some evil power at work.  She is struggling to keep her humanity that could possibly save her from the dark clutches of evil.  While Zoey discovers adult vampires are turning up dead. REALLY dead.

Book 4. Untamed

The High Priestess Neferet (Principle) is declaring war on humans!  Zoey's  friends are turning away from her, and now her 2 friends left are undead, and unmarked.  True intentions come to light, and Zoey is the only one who can save the School (WORLD) from utter destruction.  But will it end there???...............

Book 5. Hunted

 Zoey has her friends back, and Stevie Rae has become a new kind of Vampire, along with new kinds of fledglings following Stevie.  Will this be enough to stop Neferet who has turned away from good, and her new consort Kalona, a horrifying gorgeous fallen Man/God???

Book 6. Tempted

Secrets are bad, but keeping them from best friends are even worse.  Stevie and Zoey are having friendship problems, but is that all? Zoey is being haunted by visions of a past ancient maiden who was the only thing that could hold Kalona for thousands of years.  Meanwhile Stevie is having problems with her new kind of fledglings the red kind.  Some are choosing the right path but others aren't.  Can Stevie save herself from those who aren't?  Will choices be too overwhelming and end up consuming the whole House of Night?

Book 7. Burned

It is out, but I haven't gotten to read it yet, so....

Book 8

will be out soon.

And more should be coming out........................ Cool


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Did anyone else read these books???
I LOVED them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cool

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