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Green Ember!!!!!!!!!


OK, who has read all three Green Ember books (not the prequels, those I haven't read yet) and are, like me, going CRAZY about the gigantic cliffhanger at the end????????????  

Here are the discussion points for this thread:

1) what do you think will happen right after the cliffhanger

2) which of the three books do you like the most

3) do you think it was bad of Whittle to kill the Commandant

4) who's your fav character

5) who's your least fav character WHO IS GOOD

We can talk about other things, OF COURSE, but those are the main things for which I wanna know what other people think.


EEEEEEEE I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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OOPS! Sorry, Whittle didn't kill the Commandant, he killed . . . . . Vitton, I think? Sahwee.

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I've read all three! They were really good! I met the author at a book discussion and now I have signed copies of all three books!!

Okay, so after the cliffhanger I'm not exactly sure but Smalls is alive and I think that Heather saves him and they somehow escape! Also... while I was at the book discussion he asked what people thought the next book should be called and someone shouted "the Mended Wood!" And said "That sounds like a happy ending..." in a way that made me think that it WASN'T going to be a happy ending! Ahhh! 

My favorite of the three is the second, because things are starting to get complicated and the tension starts to build.

No, I don't think it was wrong of Whittle to kill Vitton. I feel kind of sad that he killed someone, but still.

Favorite character... Helmer! Least favorite character... Emma. I feel like Emma is kind of cliche, what with being an orphan, and a female nurse, and secretly a princess.

Ok, I'm Christian so I saw this pretty quickly and I was wondering if anyone else did. Has anyone else noticed that Smalls is supposed to be kind of like Jesus? 

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1) I agree with you about the cliffhanger! And if that is what it is, then I'm actually not surprised. I fell like if Smalls had really died then the author would have shown us, intsead of just the characters saying so. 

2) I agree

3) I agree

4) Emma used to be my fav, but now I see your point. Helmer, on the other hand, is awesome. I always have trouble with deciding who's my fav character in a series, but I think with this one it's Heather or Helmer.

5) That's a good point! A prince who fights for peace and dies for his people (and might come back to life!!) . . .  . totally! (I'm a Christian too yo!) 

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Helmer is the best. Period. Ooh! I have a question. What do you think happens to Jacks at the end of book three?? 

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I dunno.

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Sooo glad you made this thread!!!!

1. I think that Picket will explore the islands and discover Heather and Smalls and bring help.

2. I like Ember Rising a lot but I also love Ember Falls as well! They are all so good!

3. Yes because Vitten was horrible. I was so surprised that the Commendaunt was actually a good guy.

4/5. I love Heather, her willingness to sacrifice and her inspirational words. I also really love Helmer because of his humor and because you think he's dead like ten times and somehow he improbably survives to fight another day. 

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*an orange egg has appeared*

When did the Boston Tea Party happen? 

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December 16, 1773!

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