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Warriors: Lost Stars


Ok, a lot needs to be said about this book. I'll make it easy and list all the parts I liked and all the parts I didn't like.

What I Liked! 

1. Instead of sticking to just one clan, we get to see glimses into Shadowclan, Thunderclan (of course, still they need the spotlight!), and Skyclan

And that's it. The only thing I liked about the book. Now, for what I didn't like! 

1. The plot makes no sense at all so far. Really? Starclan has abanded them and they need to get them back.

2. What is up with Shadowpaw's prophecies?! I mean, they're basically saying that the codebreakers need to be punished, but they've never been punished before. The only cat who ever was punished for an illegal affair was Yellowfang! With Leafpool, when she had her affair with Crowfeather, Starclan LITERALLY told her it was OK. If that had never happened, then Lionblaze and Jayfeather would never of been born to stop the Dark Forest! So the idea that the codebreakers need to be punished is not a good conflict  and doesn't really make any sense. 

3. Leafpool's death is never explained. They said in passing comment, something like, "Yeah... Leafpool died. In a rock slide. The End." WHAT!? Leafpool is a rather important character, she at least deserves her death to be PART of the book! Instead it happened between books. And this ties in to point number four!

4. Squirlflight spent time in Starclan's hunting grounds. .........? Why? Why isn't she dead? And if they wanted this to occur between books, why didn't they do a better job explaining this?  

5. Bramblestar's weird sickness. I don't know what everyone thinks... but to me it seems like he's been possesed by a vengeful spirt. After all Shadowpaw feels like something's off with Bramblestar before he got sick. And Rootpaw sees a black cloud hovering over his head. And since Tree is Rootpaw's dad it makes sense that Rootpaw could also see ghosts. And at the end of the book, Rootpaw sees a ghostly Bramblestar asking him for help. I think that when Bramblestar died an evil ghost took over his body, leaving Bramblestar's ghost with no where to go. So he ends up wandering the living world, instead of joing Starclan or returning to his body. 

6. The names! The names used to be SO good! Now we're stuck with names like Shadowpaw, Rootpaw, Brislefrost, and a poor Riverclan warrior named... wait for it! Sneezecloud. The names have just been getting worse and worse! Like Erin Hunter is afraid of reuseing old names, so she just HAS to come up with better names.   

And that's all! In my opinion, the books are getting steadly worse as time goes on. They're searching for new, fun, interesting plots for the books. Instead on focusing on what Warriors is. It's a story about cats living their lives in the wild. You don't need an elaborate plot to make it good! And the plots are getting more and more unbealivable as well. And this is what makes the newer books less enjoyable than the first series. So, what do you guys think?    

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(June 2, 2019 - 12:27 pm)

Moonfrost. I. Can't. Believe. What. You're. Saying! Gaaah!! Why? Warriors is awesome!!! Aaaaawwwaaaahhh!!! Admiiiiiiiiins! Yell 

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It's not that it isn't good, I just think it's gotton a little over the top. What I liked about the first books is that it was relistic, but in the new one they seem just to be throwing things in their for the sake of it, which is why I don't really like it as well as the first ones. 

And the feeling I get when I read the newer books is not of the authors writting it to be an interesting and good book, but rather are writting it to get more money. The books have gotton so famous and bring in so much money that the authors are focussing more on getting more books out there, instead of making good interesting content.  

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(June 3, 2019 - 10:45 am)