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The books you...

The books you read and wondered how they got published. I was just thinking about how most of the threads on here are about books that people have liked but what about those ones that left you in incredulous disbelief.

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the bernestin bears

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somewhat Keeper of the Lost Cities


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Banner in the Sky

Judy Moody and Junie B. Jones

I hate to say it, but The Unwanteds are poorly written and purely to make money. :( 

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Oh, I absolutely despised the Unwanteds. 

I know that this will likely make many people extremely angry at me, but I actually didn't like Harry Potter very much. I like the idea of it but I thought it was poorly written. 

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I'm not really angry so much as surprised. You never said that to me! Since when?

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I don't really ever mention it because the few times I do, I get a ridiculous amount of hate. And as I said, I love the idea of the books and stuff, I just think the writing is really bland. I feel like if it had been written by someone else I would really enjoy it.

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Oh yeah, I feel the same way about Harry Potter! I really want to like it, and my friend Sarah is OBSESSED with it, but the writing really isn't very good. 

And the Green Ember. Has anyone read the Green Ember books? I stopped after the first one because it was so badly written, but do they get any better? Like with Harry Potter, I really want to like the Green Ember books, but they're just so badly written.  

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i sort of agree. I’ve had s lifelong disdain for HP, mostly just because of the popularity and hype, and I can get kind of weird about popular things. Just recently though, I finally decided to actually read them for myself partly because I wanted to see how bad/good they really were, and partly because I had watched the first three movies with friends, and I enjoyed them. I’m currently on book seven, and though I actually rather like the books, I have to say, I don’t think they’re very well written. I don’t think they’re that poorly written, but there’s really nothing great that stands out about the writing either. Although, I’ll give them this—they get better as they go on.

No matter what your opinions on HP though, no one should ever give you hate or be rude about it. As someone who used to be anti-HP, I know what it feels like to not want to mention your opinions because of what people might say. 

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If HP was told in first person, but like, omniscient, or just third person omniscient, I might like it better. I also feel the smae about the Hunger Games, but I don't hate it as much as I hate HP. I love the first two, and as epic as it is, after reading the book (and watching the movie, screw Lionsgate), it seemed blandish. Like District 13 is BORING. 

rip Finnick 

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*hopes my future books do not make it to this list*

Makes you wonder, what actually constitutes a good book? We spend hours perfecting our style, plot, pacing, etc--but what do readers really look for? I suppose these things are just too mysterious to be explained.

KotLC (book 1) and I have a strange relationship. I can't explain it. I've spent a lot of time making jokes about it with my sister, but only because I liked it. I could relate a lot to Shannon Messenger's writing. I saw my writing in her wording and phrasing, so you could say there was some one-way author bonding going on there. Which actually boosted my confidence, because hey, if her writing was deemed good enough by a publisher, then there's a chance mine will be, too.


I don't read very much anymore, so my memories of books are fad--


Ah. I just remembered. The Spirit Animals series didn't really hold my attention. Either there were too many books, too many authors, the plot/characters didn't go deep enough, or something, but I wouldn't call them exceptional, at any rate. The idea was cool though!

Percy Jackson book 1 (The Lightning Theif), I thought, was not as well written as it could have been. Again, I could see a little bit of myself in Riordan's writing--and hey, it was his first novel, so all things considered, it was great. His writing improves through the series. It was cool to watch his style develop.

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I know this sounds surprising, but...

Swiss Family Robinson. 

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Oh God Ella. I totally agree with you. A story about a familiy who gets stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere and everything goes perfectly fine for them for frigging ten years.

Did anyone read The City Of Ember? I liked the idea of the story at first, but then it got boring. Also, Doon has literally no character except for the fact that he likes bugs, is friends with Lina, and hates Ember and everybody in it.  

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City of Ember was just . . . .so obscure. I don't know. It was as if it was trying so hard to be different it was just . . .weird. Even more so with Unwanteds (I mean I've only read the first two book but still).

Harry Potter is okay, except with the character development and Harry's love life. I feel like so many of the characters are so shallow, except for Draco and Snape.

I don't think Green Ember is badly written at all, though it seems to me that the author has a kind of . . . . childish style? IDK that's the only way I can explain it. But I can see how others might think it was badly written. 


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