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Hi Everyone! ...

Hi Everyone!

I feel like Blab About Books has been a little underloved recently, so I thought about threads, and I'm not sure if this one has been done before, but I'm doing now, so, AHEM.

Favorite lines/quotes from books! Have you ever felt like an author just pulls you in with the first line of a book? Or like there was an AMAZING quote that you just wanted to remember forever? Or one that you love because it's so true for you? This is the thread for you! Please post your quote, plus the book that it came from and the authors name (If you can remember it.)

'Now for those of you who know anything about blind children, you are aware that they make the very best thieves.'
First line of Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier 

'Reader, I married him.'
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte 

'Call me The Giver.'
The Giver by Lois Lowry. 

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Hi, I just noticed that all the titles in Shining Star's post were links.  I only clicked on one, and that one was a link to Goodreads.  I don't know about the others.  I wanted to let you know as I wasn't sure if Goodreads was an allowed website.


Thanks very much. We do not allowed links to outside websites, including Goodreads. I've removed the links. --admin

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Whoops! That was an accident!!!! So sorry!!!

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*gaaaasp* I love the Map to Everywhere books! They're probably my favorite ever. (Well, I've only read the first too, but those were great.) Fin is my favorite character ever, and I love Marill's cat Karnelius. It has a lot of great quotes as well. I wish the villain Serth hadn't been called "insane" though, that's really ableist (bigoted against disabled people). Other than that I found him a quite effective villain especially with the well-developed characters, because he made them face themselves, kind of. I didn't know anyone else here had read it! I'll stop before this gets too long :P

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The first quote!!!! Is Nico Di Angelo!!! :D

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My favorite quote!

"No matter how smoothy you get up and act like nothing happened, it doesn't change the fact that you fell down the stairs"

-Takane and Hana volume 11.

My other quotes!

"Don't you feel bad losing to a coffeemaker?"

-Takane and Hana volume 14 Takane on page 69.

"What's she like? Your mom, I mean?" "I forget."

-Takane and Hana volume 14

"I know, I know. I heard that 30 times yesterday." "I'll tell you 300 times today to make it sink in."

-Takane and Hana volume 14. 

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Wow, this is a late reply (sorry!) but the quote I posted earlier is from The Westing Game.

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"The best part is that it's completely legal-ish!"

From The Big Kahuna by Janet Evanovich 

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That is awesome.

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The Harry Potter books have lots of funny lines, but I can't think of any right now. Here's a good one I read last night:


"Why would anyone want to watch the world go up in flames?"


-Keeper of the Lost Cites, book 1 

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To paint it. OK I'm kidding! I got the idea from The Far Side. They used to run in newspapers, but now we have the collections. Here are some of my favorite quotes! (I will explain some)

-Once again, (insert name, I forgot) suspected he had been slipped the trick spoon. (It's just a spoon that doesn't have the scoop facing up!)

-"Well, it's cold again." (Two people live in an igloo, in antartica or the arctic. What do you expect?)

-CAn't think of the others! 

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"Once again, Darrell suspected he had been slipped a trick spoon with the concave side reversed."

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My other quotes.


"Yuki: "What can I learn from a stupid cat like you? You didn’t even know that Jason isn’t really a bear. He’s a character in a horror film."

Kyo: "Yeah? So what if I didn’t? Like I’d waste my time watching some movie about a bear!"

Yuki: You truly are an idiot."

-Fruits Baskets volume ?


"Hanajima, my spear! Bring me my spear!" (Uotani)

-Fruits Basket volume ?


"Kyo Sohma: One of these days I'll make you say you're sorry

Yuki Sohma: looking bored I'm sorry.

Kyo Sohma: Dammit That's not what I meant Don't you have any shame

Yuki Sohma: still looking annoyed Yes I'm ashamed to be seen with you shouting in public.

Kyo Sohma: Oh that's it We're taking this outside

Yuki Sohma: still looking annoyed We ARE outside you stupid cat."

-Fruits Basket volume ?


"Ritsu: Please, Onii-san, please write with takoyaki power!

Mitsuru: Yes, sensei! With ikyayaki or takoyaki or whatever it takes! Write quickly, without hesitation! Ah... Um... W-what is takoyaki power?

Ritsu: Well, that is--! When Shigure-niisan eats takoyaki, he transforms into a great warrior...

Shigure: No I don't."

-Fruits BAsket volume 8

WHat do you think? 

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More quotes.


“Sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring to destroy my house... "

- Shigure Sohma”

-Fruits Basket volume 2


“Ayame: "Yuki, let's deepen the bond between us brothers!"

Yuki: "Before you can do that I'll drown you in the deepest part of that lake."

Ayame: "As long as we spend time together."

Yuki: "On second thought, go drown yourself.”

-Fruits Basket volume ?


“Shigure: "Lemme guess; you lost your temper and yelled at her again, right? You know, you shouldn't do that if you're just going to regret it. Not too bright, now is it?"

Kyo: "Save your breath. I'm just not meant to get along with other people. Period. End of story."

Shigure: "Oh sure, some people just aren't. But you're not one of them. You lack experience, that's all. For example, I'm sure you could smash this table to bits with your bare hands. But I'm equally sure you could punch the table without breaking it. And why is that? Because I know your training has taught you to control your fists... at least I should hope so, after four months of fighting bears and-"

Kyo: "I didn't fight bears!"

Shigure: "My point is, it takes just as much training to get along with people. Only, training by yourself in the mountains won't do you any good. You need to surround yourself with others. As you get to know them, of course you take the chance that you'll end up hurting them, or they'll end up hurting you. One of those things might very well happen. That's the only way we learn... about others, and about ourselves. You're a black-belt in martial arts, but I'd guess you still a white-belt in social skills. Someday, you're going to meet someone that truly wants to be your friend, and you, theirs. But it if you don't keep training, you won't be ready when that happens."

Kyo: "It'll never happen, anyways!"

Shigure: "Uh-uh! Never say never."

Kyo: "Ok, fine. Maybe if I meet someone with brain-damage... or something."

Shigure: "That's the spirit!”

-Fruits Basket volume 1.


“Kyo Sohma: angrily pointing at Yuki Just like I'll beat you one of these days

Yuki: looking bored Wait wait I think I've heard this one before”

-Fruits Basket volume ? 


“Hatsuharu Sohma: [after tripping Kyo] If I hadn't had tripped you you wouldn't have stopped now would you.

[addressing the audience]

Hatsuharu Sohma: By the way what I just did was very dangerous. And if it had been anyone but Kyo they probably would have been hurt pretty badly so don't try it at home.

Kyo Sohma: Don't try it here and who are you even talking to”

-Fruits Basket volume ?


“Shigure: G'morning.

Tohru: Good morning!

Yuki: Um, Shigure, it's night. Why don't you get a normal sleep pattern?

Shigure: I became an author so I wouldn't have to.

-Fruits Basket volume 7


I'll get more later. Fruits Basket has so many good quotes! Also, admin, have any of you ever read manga?

Yes, I like Yotsuba&! --admin

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"'This must be Thursday,' Arthur thought to himself, sinking low over his mug. "I never could get the hang of Thursdays." -The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"The problem with growing up around highly dangerous things is that after a while, you just get used to them." -Aru Shah and the End of Time


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Ooh, did you submit that last one to the Cricket favorite first sentences thing? Cause I saw it in last month's issue.

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