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Hi Everyone! ...

Hi Everyone!

I feel like Blab About Books has been a little underloved recently, so I thought about threads, and I'm not sure if this one has been done before, but I'm doing now, so, AHEM.

Favorite lines/quotes from books! Have you ever felt like an author just pulls you in with the first line of a book? Or like there was an AMAZING quote that you just wanted to remember forever? Or one that you love because it's so true for you? This is the thread for you! Please post your quote, plus the book that it came from and the authors name (If you can remember it.)

'Now for those of you who know anything about blind children, you are aware that they make the very best thieves.'
First line of Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier 

'Reader, I married him.'
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte 

'Call me The Giver.'
The Giver by Lois Lowry. 

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Yes that one is awesome too!


By the way, I'm Hex now, someone else is Jinx. Sorry! 

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"After all, what could go wrong?"
-The Charming Life of Izzy Malone by Jenny Lundquist

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"That's all that brave means - not thinking about the dangers. Just thinking about what you must
do." - from: Number the Stars by: Lois Lowry  
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"'Wylan, I really hope we don't die'" -Jesper Fahey, Crooked Kingdom (second Six of Crows) for those who remember when he said this kudos to you :D

"When you can't beat the odds, change the game" -Crooked Kingdom

"When you're stuck in a corner, blast a hole through the ceiling" -Crooked Kingdom 

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"Answelica was a goat with teeth that were the mirror of her soul—large, sharp, and uncompromising."

- The Beatryce Prophecy, by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Sophie Blackall 

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"Far over the plain Éowyn saw the glitter of their spears, as she stood still, alone before the doors of the silent house."

- The Two Towers, by J. R. R. Tolkien 

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Éowyn!!! Yes!!

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"I'm tired of killing. I don't want to fight anyone."
Tanu nodded. "I'm glad to hear it. But we're in a war. Sometimes we do unpleasant things to 
defend what matters most." - Dragonwatch: Return of the Dragon Slayers By: Brandon Mull 
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"Isn't it nice knowing that Ender can do the impossible?"

- Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card


"Those guns are there to stop invading armadas," Jesper said confidently. "Good luck hitting a skinny little schooner cutting through the waves bound for fortune and glory."

"I'll quote you on that when a cannonball lands in my lap," Nina said.

- Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo

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ok, these are my favorite Harrry Potter quotes:

I'm going to bed before you come up with another clever plot to get us killed- or worse expelled!

Hermione Granger  J. K. Rowlling


What happened in the dungons is a complete secret, so naturlly the whole school knows. 

Albus Dumbledoor J. K. Rowling 


They are both from the Sorcer's stone 

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"High on her hill Ziroonderel knew this, being forwarned by magic; and looking downward at evening she saw that star-like line of blended twilights of old lost Summer evenings sweeping over the fields towards Erl. Almost she wondered as she saw this glittering thing flowing over the earthly pastures, although her wisdom had told her that it must come. And on the one side she saw the fields we know, full of accustomed things, and on the other, looking down from her height, she saw, behind the myriad-tinted border, the deep green elfin foliage and Elfland's magical flowers, and things that delirium sees not, nor inspiration, on Earth; and the fabulous creatures of Elfland prancing forward; and, stepping across our fields and bringing Elfland with her, the twilight flowing from both her hands, which she stretched out a little from her, was her own lady the Princess Lirazel coming back to her home."

- The King of Elfland's Daughter, by Lord Dunsany. I love the imagery in this passage, although it is a bit, um, wordy.

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"Everything is silly, dear. Life is too brief to be anything else." - Valerie

"I just. Want. To be." - Amelia 

"Can you inherit grief like you can inherit eye color?"

"Even if we were to string up enough lights to cover the forest of the lost golden-haired princess, it still wouldn't be as bright as Alex's and Nolan's laughter."

"I feel the dark weaving the old kind of magic that has bound friends together through decades of sleepovers and accidental late-night talks on porches and doorsteps."

"I slowly start to populate the bleak world with things that make life worth living."

"The words sound like tin cans kicked across the gravel, hollow and repetitive."

"Standing in a square of angry whispers and misunderstood feelings that move between us like poisonous vapers."

"We are all victims of unlikely statistics at least once in our lives." - Valerie

"I'm crying, and I don't stop when the ground shakes beneath my legs and erupts, ginormous blue whales tearing from the earth, their huge bodies rising around me like fast-growing trees. Dorsal fins and barnacles and rubbery skin covered in tiny hairs brush against me, scraping my elbows and upsweeping my hair as I dissolve into fractured sobs that drown out all the locusts and lake storms in the world."

"But for now it's enough to stand by the lake that is not the sea and let the clever wind ruffle our hair and be."


All of these quotes are from Amelia Unabridged by Ashley Schumacher, which in my opinion might be the best book ever written.

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This is what friendship feels like, I think: a leap of fear and faith, trusting that your words will be

understood. - from: The Ghost of Midnight Lake By: Lucy Strange
I just finished this book today. It's good.  
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  1. If you have ever peeled an onion, then you know that the first thin, papery layer reveals another thin, papery layer, and that layer reveals another, and another, and before you know it you have hundreds of layers all over the kitchen table and thousands of tears in your eyes, sorry that you ever started peeling in the fist place and wishing that you had left the onion alone to wither away on the pantry shelf while you went on with your life, even if that meant never again enjoying the complicated and overwhelming taste of this strange and bitter vegetable. -first sentence of a series of unfortunate events * the end * by Lemony Snicket 
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Look no one ever accused me of being a " good dog " - first sentence of the one and only bob by Katherine Applegate 

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