ok, seriously everyone

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The Diary of Anne Frank
ok, seriously everyone...

ok, seriously everyone should read this at some point. I was so surprised when I read it, I thought it was just about some boring, average girl who just happened to go through a horrible (but boring) ordeal. But Anne Frank, the real person, was so amazing and funny and wise, and I can actually relate to her on some points. And the worst part of it is that at the end, it just... stops. There's no happy ending, or even a dramatic one. She and everyone else who died in the Holocaust, they deservered to live, they had so much life and love and potential and all of that was stripped away from them, for no good reason at all. At least the memory of this one girl was preserved. 

Ok that got reaally sad. Anyway. It's an amazing read. 

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Yesssss!! I've read this twice, once in second grade (which probably wasn't the best decision, all of it went over my head XD) and once this year. The ending nearly made me cry... because, well, if you know what happened after that you know why I almost cried.

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