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So, Harry Potter headcanons and oneshots! idk if anyone else has a lot of ideas, but like, I don't really post fanfiction, yet I have an astounding amount of ideas!


Headcanons (not all original)


- The hogwarts houses aren't based off of traits, but based off of how people view magic. Gryffindors view magic as a weapon, something to defend others and uphold justice. Ravenclaws view magic as a specimen, something to be studied, just for the sake of knowing everything. Hufflepuffs view magic as a gift, something that's special, and meant to be shared for happiness. Slytherins view magic as a tool, something for them to further their own agenda.

- The Slytherins have a special message delivery system. The sender puts the actual message within two envelopes, and includes two knuts. They give it to someone. That person takes one knut, and sends it to another person. That person takes the second knut, and gives the letter to the person it was meant for. That way, the deliverers don't know who the recipient and sender was–only one.

- What do house elves do over the summer? Perhaps they actually know how to play musical instruments. 

- Where did pure blood families originally come from? Atlantis?  

- Do wizards celebrate pagan holidays like Samhain and Yule?

- Ron is actually a seer? I mean, he predicted like 15 things in a sort of offhand way


Really short oneshot


"My boy ..." Trewlaney whispered, looking at Harry through her huge round glasses, "I see a menace to you, looming over you, like a wild boar. This is certain to strike this summer, your inevitable injury!"

Harry nodded. "That would be Dudley. He is a bit of a pig."


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*sees "Harry Potter"*

*runs over*

Hmm...headcanons (I had to google that term first xD)...

There's definitely something weird about the owls. How are they so smart? I mean I know owls are pretty intelligent, but how does Hedwig know where to find Sirius when he's in hiding in the middle of nowhere? Maybe they're sort of modified, like domestic cats, but with magic.

Maybe Luna Lovegood is a seer. She never really predicted anything but she definitely has that mystical vibe.

Crumple-horned snorkacks actually exists. Prove me wrong.

Why couldn't Harry see the thestrals before his 5th year? I mean he saw his mother die when he was one, right? So...WHOA. MAYBE SHE NEVER REALLY DIED. That idea hit me in the middle of writing this and it blew my mind. O_o Alright I'm going to go tell this theory to everyone I know.

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Harry Potter was one when he saw that, so maybe he didn't process it? idk

also what happened to the Potters' cat? It was never heard of again, and it must've been quite intelligent. Maybe it was crookshanks?

Also some incorrect quotes from the four founders for your entertainment:

salazar: ive brought u here for the deadliest sport known to mankind–
rowena: knife monopoly
salazar: i was going to say hunt u for sport but now i want to know what knife monopoly is
helga: do u think i could fit 15 marshmallows in my mouth?
rowena: you're a hazard to society
godric: and a coward. do 20
rowena: are u still alive
rowena: *awake
salazar: i wish i wasnt
rowena: which one
salazar: yes 
godric: i only feel one emotion, and thats anger
rowena: last night u got drunk and texted me a thousand heart emojis
godric: out of anger

godric: whats it like being married to helga

rowena: once i asked her for some water when she was mad at me and she brought me a glass full of ice and told me to wait 

salazar: youre supposed to bang your fist against mine
rowena: why?
salazar: im told its a widely accepted gesture for mutual success

godric: i love it when u two try to impersonate normal people
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This is the most beautiful and accurate depiction of the founders I have ever seen. Thank you for blessing us with this post, Riot.

Also salty Helga is the best thing EVER 

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Something to make you cry:

When George looks into the Mirror of Erised, he just sees himself, but with both ears.


Pure chaos incarnate:

Peeves is a drag queen on the side


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Poor George. *cries*

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Hey, do any of you think it's strange how the TRAIN is RED? Like, I mean, why is it GRYFFINDOR and not Ravenclaw? Or Slytherin? Or Hufflepuff? I feel like everyone in Hogwarts ( Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs, at least {well, the majority} ) of people support Gryffindor. 

And how can the MAGIC itself be harnessed? Does it choose some people to reside in? Because if it wasn't, then anyone can harness magic, as in ANYONE, even those who aren't invited to schools. And HOW are the PEOPLE chosen to have magic? Is there supposed to be some kind of trait that they all share? Cause I don't see a common trait between Slytherin and Gryffindor.

And this last one really questions the wizarding world. How do all these animals exist without being found out by scientists? Like, in the books, it mentions NOTHING about how they're captured and HOW they are HIDDEN from the NON MAGICAL people. Is it some kind of trick? 


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I've always liked the idea that people aren't just placed in Houses because their traits line up with the ideals that House covets, but because being placed in that house will help that person grow in some way. Like, the reason Hermione went to Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw was because the sorting hat saw in her the potential for courage. If she'd gone to Ravenclaw she'd probably never have grown into the confident, badass person she was by the end of the series. This is actually an idea I came across int The Arithmancer series, and I think it kinda explains a lot of the things in the books in a way that makes some logical sense.


Also I've built up the Hufflepuff House in my head into the epic house obsessed with justice and honesty for some reason. Maybe because they reeeaaally get the short end of the stick in the books? It's unfortunate how uneven the treatment of the Houses are in the series...

So now I really want to be in Hufflepuff.

I mean, who wouldn't want to be scarily competent at everything?

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idk, I like the thought of Hufflepuff being accepting, warm, kind, and everyone's just like all warm and fuzzy inside <3

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