Ok, so I

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Airborn Trilogy
Ok, so I...

Ok, so I read one book by this author and I HATED it and then for some reason I decided to check out another book by the same author. (You know how it is, your in library and the teacher is pressuring you to pick out your book soon and you want to stand next to your friend in the checkout line) It was actualy the third book in the series but I loved and I mean LOVED it. So there I was 3 months later reading the first and second books in the trilogy and they were some of the top books I read in 2021. You should totally check them out. 

Book 1: Airborn by Keneth Oppel

Book 2: Skybreaker by Keneth Oppel

Book 3: Starclimber by Keneth Oppel

They are a kind of sci fi style but they take place in the late 18 hundreds but if they had some of the tec that we have today, but with some of the thoughts and beleifs of the the past.  

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