Hello, everyone.

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Weird or awesome words!
Hello, everyone. ...

Hello, everyone.


When reading old books we come across some unusual words. I think that they are super cool, and so when you come across some, share here!


wabbit: feeling exhausted.. XD

Bibble: to eat or drink noisily

xertz: to quench thrist greedily

brouhaha: an uproar (especialy in a sporting advent,  so you girls who don't like football, claim you want to get out such brouhaha of football ;))

Eriancous: someone who resembles a (drumroll pleaassse!:) a hedgehog. 

Yarborough: This refers to when you are playing a game of cards and the dealer deals a hand without any numbers above nine. This can really be unfortunate or great, depending on which game you are playing.


Well, thats the end folks. Lets see what you find! 


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Those are some great words!! I especially like eriancous, you never know when you might meet some who resembles a hedgehog! Here are some of my favorites: 

Paddy noddy: a long winded tale

Abibliophobia: a person who is afraid of running out of things to read ( me!! ) 

Nudiustertian: the day before yesterday 

Donnybrook: a riot

Discombobulating: out of sorts 

that's it for now! I love expanding my vocabulary especially with words these! This is a great thread thanks! 

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 Nincompoop : Someone silly/foolish/stupid
Lollygag : Spend time aimlessly; idle
Bamboozled: Fool or cheat (somebody)
Kaleidoscope : I think we all know what this is... But I like it 'cause it's a pretty word...
Onomatopoeia : A word that that is used to sound like what it is (like clunk)
Qat : A shrub. It's a 'q' with no 'u'!
Pandemonium : One of my fave words! It means Chaos.
Inkling : A glimmer of knowledge. My other fave word!
Bdellium : A fragrant resin by a number of trees related to myrrh, often used in purfume.
Spindiddly : Not a real word, but I found it in a book, and I love it. The character, Felictity, makes up a meaning for it: Beyond awesome. (The book is A Snicker Of Magic. It has a bunch of good words in it!)
Here is a song that has a bunch of cool words in it: Crazy ABCs by The Barenaked Ladies. It's really funny and good!

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Nesh - suseptible to the cold

Solander - a book of maps

Maelstrom - a storm; chaos; etc 

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Ooh, I never knew that Solander was a word. I've read a book with a character whose last name was Solander and they did make maps so that's really interesting. Also @... I never knew that bibble was a real word so that's cool!

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Audacity: It's like bravery

Quagmire: a problem


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