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Diverse HP Headcanons
I wanted to...

I wanted to make a thread where you can post any headcanons about Harry Potter that relate to diversity (like imagining characters whose races aren't specified as something other than white) because I like thinking about it. So, if you have any headcanons about characters, or want to share how you imagine HP characters, you can post that here! Here are mine: 

-Luna is a trans girl and aro/ace  (I love this headcanon because I kinda hate how in universe, Luna just goes and gets married to some guy. I honestly can't imagine her needing or wanting to get married or fall in love romantically. Also, I desperately wanted to make some characters trans in my mind, mostly to thwart jkr's cis agenda, but also because it just seems to fit with Luna somehow)

-Ernie MacMillan is gay (because WHY NOT?)

-Dean and Seamus are bi and in love

-Tonks is non-binary (possibly demigirl) and pan, and uses she/they pronouns 

-Lupin is bi and Sirius is gay and they were in love when they were younger

-Dumbledore is gay (obviously) and also 1/4 Native American (in Deathly Hallows, Harry thinks that Kendra Dumbledore looks like she could be Native American and even though it's a bit weird for him to categorize her like that, WE NEED MORE DIVERSITY so here it is)

-Hermione is Black (maybe biracial?) 

-Lavender Brown is Black (I mean that's how she was originally cast in the movies!!)

-Alicia Spinnet is Japanese-British

Ok! Those are my million headcanons. I can't wait to see what you come up with!  

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I agree with the Luna thing. I would have to had read something written by J.K. Rowling about Luna falling in love with the guy to even consider buying it. Even then, I'm not so sure. Not buying it, people!

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