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The Underland Chronicles
The Underland Chronicles...

The Underland Chronicles is a great series by Suzanne Collins!

It's fantasy, but it's not related to the Greek Underworld at all as you might think!

You can discuss, but keep in mind I've only finished up to The Prophecy of Bane. So no spoilers, please.

Also, form! Just so we can discuss better. It's optional, you don't have to do it. Oh yes, and once it gets sent to the back-pages, please 'top' it! You can find it by clicking on "Submitted by". It's a great trick.


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That's it, I think!

-Nut Le Squirrel 

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Also I'm at the 5th book! I'm almost done with it. I'm actually on a road trip in California right now, so I just listened to an audiobook while riding in the car. So now, instead of you guys giving spoilers, I'll probably be the one giving spoilers! XD

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