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Brandon Mull
I was wondering...

I was wondering if anyone has read the awesome books by Brandon Mull. His books are AMAZING! I really enjoyed Fablehaven and Beyonders. I have yet to read Sky Raiders but I will soon. Who are your favorite characters from what series or book?

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Yes, I have read the first 4 books of fablehaven. booth candy shop wars books and I have read up to sky raiders, book 4 (I took a long break and when I tryed to read it again I had forgoten what had happend) I really liked it though and I want to read it again and finish the series.


I dont really rembmber who my favorite charecter from fablehaven was...hmmmmm.....OH, I know, it was that nice silver dragon, the one that kendra became friends with, do you know who I'm talking about? I cant rembmber his name...

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Yes that silver dragon. Of course  can't remember his name either. Maybe someone will come along and help us out... :/

But. He is one of my favorite characters as well. I also love the fauns (or are they sytrs??) they make me crack up alll the time :D 

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Ohhhhh yeah I remember liking the sytrs (or fauns) too! they were so funny! I havent read the beyonders yet would you recomend it? what is it about?

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I would definetly recommend it. I am actually re reading it right now! 

It is about a normal 14 year old boy (Jason) who volenteers at his local zoo. One day he hears music coming form the hippo tank. He leans a bit to far over and falls in and the hippo swallows him. Yes you read that right. And then he comes out of a hollow tree and he is now in a place called Lyrian. He comes across a place for learning and he reads a forbidden book with hopes of finding his way home. Instead he finds the first syllable of  a word that can destroy the evil magician emporer that is ruling most of Lyrian. Because he can't find a way home he desides to find the other 5 syllables. A girl named Rachel eventualy joins him from earth and helps him find the word. 

It is a good story but I should probably stop here before I just tell you the whole story lol

And it is a trilogy so the adventure continues after the first book which is call Beyonders- A World Without Heros.

Bye for now! 

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Wow, that sounds like somthing I would totaly love! I think I'll read it next after the book I'm reading now. Their are SO MANY books to read it's a little overwelming :/ 

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I've read the Fablehaven series! To be honest, they aren't my favorite books, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. 

Raxtus is the name of the silver dragon and he's my favorite too! Although Warren is a close second. 

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Ohhhhh yeah Raxtus, thats his name!

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Ooo! I've read Brandom Mull's stuff! I've read Fablehaven, Dragonwatch, Five Kingdoms, Beyonders, Candy Shop Wars, and Spirit Animals.

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