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Okay, so I saw that you're back and this is in part a WELCOME BACK!!!! post for you!

I also reread that old post of mine I wrote when I decided to leave the Chatterbox, and read that you said you loved my love of Titanic. :)

So, because I have finally found someone that agrees with me on two points (Titanic is kind of awesome and that Leonardo DiCaprio is cuter than Rob Pattenson), I sort of spazed. I like someone with my interests.

So that is all this post is for: for you and I to discuss those things (and for anyone else to, as well). :)


Speaking of the Titanic, do you believe the recent news that a violin found in someone's house has been authenticated as one that was played as the ship sunk? Even if it was found after floating with the bandmaster for a week or so, I would think the salt water would have destroyed it, or at least severly distorted it. Did they have waterproof violin cases in those days?


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Everinne! Thank you! I saw a picture of Rob Pattenson and I'm like, he is Kinda cute, then I saw a pic of Leonardo DiCaprio and I'm like, he's realllyyyy cute! You are so sweet! HUG!!!* hugs you* I am still pretty obessed with the Titanic, but not like as obessed as you, and I haven't watched the movie yet. That is really cool Admin!

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It should have been a viola.  Therefore increasing the level of awesome.  But that's still really cool.

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Oh.MY.GOSH. I am a TOTAL nerd when it comes to American History in general, but the Titanic is one of my fave subjects! I've been researching this since first grade! Did you know a man named Clive Palmer is trying to REBUILD the Titanic? It will look and feel like the original, and is planned to set sail across the Atlantic in 2016. This news utterly flabbergasted me! I plan to follow its construction.

I have not seen the movie. I watch documentaries on it all the time, but have never cared to see the movie. Mainly because a) it is a romance, and I'm afraid that simply isn't my thing, and b) some of the scenes I understand are not all together... wholesome, if you know what I mean. 

Has anyone else been to the Titanic museum? I have! It made it feel so much more real. Anyone who has been through it will understand that. I was Augusta Goodwin, a wife, mother of six children, Lillian 16, Charles 14, William 11, Jessie 10, Harold 9, and baby Sidney 19 months old. At the end I discovered we ALL died! I was utterly grief stricken when I read that! Can you imagine?! That was so sad to discover, yet it made me REALLY realize just what all those people went through, and that people just like me suffered in that. I knew it all along, but I had never really FELT it, if you know what I mean. The whole experience was a real eye opener. If you have the opportunity to do this, I definitely recommend you do this!

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In re rebuilding:

Sounds dangerous.

The choosing your identity thing at the museum sounds like what they do at the Spy Museum in Washington DC.  I LOVED that museum.

Spamster in his spamster cage says guyp.  That's funny, because I'm listening to Guys and Dolls on Pandora.

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@ ~Blue Fairy:

I know, that's totally how I always am! I see Rob Patz and I'm like... hs's okay. I see Leonardo DiCaprio and I grin like a fool. I'm actually naming my novel character Leonardo in his honor. :) *Hugs back!*

@ Blonde Heroines Rule:

Someone is rebuilding the Titanic??!! Scary. I have a feeling it's going to sink. I read about a person who named his own small boat after the Titanic and THAT sank. I think it's jinxed. But it sounds really cool anyway!

I haven't seen the movie either, but I'm still hoping. I agree the romance might be a little eye-roll-worthy, but see my above comments re: Leonardo DiCaprio, so I'll see it anyway. :)

The Titanic museum sounds really cool; I'd love to see it. *Goolging that right now.*

@ Admin: I don't quite believe they could have found a real violin from the sinking. But the story of the band playing until they died really touches me (especially since my mom plays the violin.)

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@ Everinne: I know! I felt very much the same way. I also felt, I don't know, like it was dishonoring the people who died, you know? Like its well, those people may have died, but we're going to try again anyway. I guess it depends on the motives behind his wanting to build it.

The museum is SO COOL! They even allow you to touch a real iceberg, and dip your hand in water the temperature it would have been that night. SO. COLD. They give you facts about people on it, and the woman I was was even mentioned! Going through the museum, once you do it, it really doesn't let you forget. Ever. Trust me.

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The Titanic jinxed thing: It's like the Titan thing in the book SOS Titanic.

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I love The Titanic too! Has anyone else heard about the short story called The Wreck of the Titan? It was writen in 1898, 14 year before the Titanic sank, and it's about a ship called The Titan, that hit an iceberg and sank. There are alot of other weird similarities between the two. A few are:

They both sank in April in the North Atlantic, without enough lifeboats.

The Titanic was 882 ft long, and the Titan was 800 ft long.

They both were described as "unsinkable".

They both struck icebergs on their starbord side on and April night, 400 nautical miles away from Newfoundland.

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@ Ivy:

I know, that is so creepy/cool. There is something about the Titanic that I think is almost supernatural; just everything about it. That author must have been a part-time prophet! I wanted to read the book, but my library doesn't have it. :(

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That's just creepy. No, you cannot get me on any boat (not that you could really get me on a boat going out on the ocean in the first place anyway), named anything even remotely like Titanic. Period. End of story.

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On the other hand, though, if the new Titanic is going to allow actual civilians to sail on it, I'd sail on it, just for fun. And if it goes down....well, that would be kind of awesome too. (Although assuredly, fairly scary.)

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I just finished the book A Night to Remember by Walter Lord, which is considered the Titanic history classic. It's really fascinating and describes passengers from all classes, showing how it really was for everyone that night the ship sank. RIP all those who went down.

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