@ Admin.....Could you

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

@ Admin.....Could you

@ Admin.....Could you please please please please put this in the Letterbox????? And if you don't, tell Cricket I will send UGLY BIRD after him!


Dear Everybuggy,

I am a gigantic fan of your mag! Cricket, you deserve to be leader and you rule! Ladybug, I know everbuggy says this, but stop being so bossy. Pussywillow, you are my fave buggy! I geuss I shouldn't call you buggy, but you are still my fave! Muffin, I love books too. And Ugly Bird, stop trying to eat the bugs!

I love art, books, the beach, space exploration, baseball, and nature! I write my own stories and love to explore. My fave place is nature, and I am a SAVE THE EARTH fanatic! I also love little farmers markets, and spend every Saturday morning at the farmers market in our city. I explore, get a cinnamon roll and lemonade, then explore some more and pet the goats from the goat farm. My best friend is named Julianna, and she has a hamster named dragon, loves mints, and her dad is a navy pilot. 

Finally, you guys totally rule!
Over and out, 
Caroline F. 


We can't promise to print your letter, Caroline, but if we do, October is the earliest it would appear. And we're always happy to hear from you!


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(July 26, 2014 - 3:26 pm)

"Threats are the last resort of a person with no vocablary." -Tamora Pierce

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