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Current Update!!!



I sit, staring out the barred window. The wind howls outside in it's thirst for blood...probably my blood. It's so hopeless here.... I've cast a few Patronuses in secret but once the Dementors tried to make out with me (okay, you know what I mean..) and I gave up.



I live my life as an empty cup.

I never will get out of here. The AEs will probably never forgive me after what I tried to do to Dev...WHO CARES?! Chilly had a CRUSH on him!!! As the sun rises, barely casting light into my cell, I scratch at the floor with my nails and a rusty peice of metal, trying to add a second scrape to the spot where I keep track of the days. After hours of trying, I finally have another scratch. It looks like this:


And that means one more day until I get sent to the torture chamber. I hope Frosty has grounded Chilly. But then again, there's no hope. He won't. It's hopeless. Someone please rescue me, and do it soon.... But of course, they probably won't come. The cell isn't just any Cell--It's a cage of despair. And the Dementors are just feeding on my emotions, sucking me dry, untill if I stay here any longer, I know I'll just give up and go insane. Please. Give me one glimmer of hope. 

Huh? The CAPTCHA is coming. Chilly or Snowy must've given me a captcha code! 

submitted by Icy, age 11, The Forest
(July 11, 2016 - 6:39 pm)

Light blazes, demenentors fly away

"It is I" I say "Lord Gared of the Miltiverse! I am here to save you, Icy!! And to destroy dementors."

My captcha makes a choking soud and collapses. 

submitted by Gared
(July 11, 2016 - 9:28 pm)

You read the letter, Quill! We can't leave Icy in there.

Says who?

If you are such a big HP fan, you would do what Harry would do.

Says the boy who can't do basic multiplication.

FINE! I'll free Icy myself. *Steps up to Azkaban alone* *Dementors circle him*

STOP! What on earth is going on here? Where is Zeon?

*Looks up from book* Trying to save Icy.

W-What...? No. He can't do it alone. *Quickly writes a note, teleports to Zeon, grabs him, and tosses the notes to the Dementors*. Bring the note to your masters, Dementors! *Teleports away with Zeon*.

What did the note say?

It said: Dear Ministry of Magic, please release Icy the CBer from Azkaban. The CBer was falsely accused due to a misunderstanding and has been proven innocent. Dev has also been proven innocent as well. Thank you.

Think it will work?

I hope so. 

submitted by Ashlee G., age 15, The Future
(July 11, 2016 - 9:32 pm)