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I think it was Leeli who made one of these, but it died very quickly. So, here are some questions you can answer.

1. Have you ever gone to school?

2. Who homeschools you?

3. Do you like homeschooling?

4. Do you think that, being homeschooled, you get a better education than you would in school?

5. Do you have any friends that go to school?


My answers:

1. Yes, I went to 5th grade for about two weeks.

2. My mom.

3. Yes! Since I homeschool, I can usually finish my lessons in about one third or even one quarter of the time it would take in school. I get more time to do writing and reading!

4. Yes. When I went to 5th grade, I did learn a bit in Math and Science, but English was all things I had learned three years before, like punctuation. And who needs P.E. when you can run around outside all day?

5. Well... I'm not sure. It's a long story.


And do you want to have debating, homeschooling against public/private school? 

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(July 16, 2016 - 2:03 pm)

1. Nope. I shadowed a student, though. 

2. My mom, my dad does the math though.

3. Love it. Same with me, I finish super fast.

4.  Totally. I won't elaborate. But yes. Totally superior. ;)

5. All my friends except cho and Swummer.


I would, but I think that will start a war right now, with all the *coughcoughdebatethreadscoughcough* and tension. A great idea and awesome topic; for another time. However, if anyway a debate DOES happen, I will totally join, I just don't want to cause a war   

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(July 16, 2016 - 4:42 pm)

I have one argument for public school.

Just one.

Exactly seven words. 

And as a Slytherdor, it means everything.

Why do I not want to be homeschooled?

I think it hurts chances of getting into Ivy League.

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(July 16, 2016 - 6:11 pm)