Hi guys, i'm

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Hi guys, i'm

Hi guys, i'm Sprinkles and I'm PURE EVIL!

And I'm Bookworm, Sprinkles's friend. I'm going to write in italics.

I'm new and EVIL!

And I'm relatively old and not evil!

Who here is as EVIL as me? I just want to know so I know who I can ally with.

And so I can know who to ally with too!

Are you trying to have a war against me or something?

Well, kind of...


Because you're PURE EVIL, that's why!

Whatever, Bookworm.

Whatever, Sprinkles.

Oh, now you're COPYING me?

Um, no??


EVIL Sprinkles

(And Bookworm) 


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