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Point 1: Crabbe and Goyle? Not smart. Not brave. Not schemers. They aren't smart enough for that.

Rebutting argument: The most probable reason that they were put in Slytherin was because their friend was in Slytherin so they asked for the House. Remember, the Sorting Hat takes your opinion into account.

Point 2: Most of the sytherins were loyal to Voldemort, and all had a mean streak in them somewhere (like Pansy Parkinson and Draco). even snape, who everyone thinks is good now, was super mean to harry for no reason but that he was a bitter jerk!!!

Rebutting argument: No, most of the Slytherins aren’t. Slughorn, Snape, Merlin, Regulus, Draco, and Narcissa are some characters that weren’t loyal to old Voldy. And there are people Sorted into Slytherin in real life! Me! Murphy Studebaker! Barack Obama! None of us are evil!

And not all Slytherins have a mean streak in them somewhere. Snape was mean to Harry to keep people from being suspicious. I don’t think that Obama has a mean streak. Or those Slytherin YouTubers. Or Scylla, who is part Slytherin!!!!! (And just happens to be judge.)

3 Slyhterin made all the worst ppl in the series! Voldemorrt, Umbrige, Snape, the Death Eaters, they were all slytherin!!!

Quirrel was in Ravenclaw. So were Lockhart and Marietta.And Wormtail was in Gryffindor!!!!!! So, no, not all the worst people were in Slytherin.

Zacharias Smith and Cormac McLaggen were both in Hufflepuff/

4 JK Rowling herself said that she intended for Slytherin to be the EVIL house in the book, and you can't argue with the author no matter what because Rowling wrote the books!!!\

People argue with the author all the time. Also, she never explicitly SAID OUTRIGHT that she wanted it to be the evil House.

So, Scylla, which rebuttals were good enough? Good enough to cancel out the points?

Other people can add their opinions, too.

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*bangs gavel* Order in the court! Sorry, just had to do that. I'm judging the rebuttals.

Point I: I don't understand the argument. Where is the "they're not smart enough" applied? Once I have more information, I'll be able to make a more accurate judgment.

Point II: Weak. Take into consideration that there are many wizards/witches in each House, most of which aren't mentioned in the series, that are unaccounted for. Also take into consideration that Slytherins aren't exactly fairy princesses, and maybe Slytherin is not the house for you if you're nice.

Point III: Strong. The argument was poorly stated—key words: "all the worst people"—and the rebuttal is accurate. 

Point IV: Average. I promised to be unbiased, but it's a little hard not to side with Mei because of the poor phrasing in the argument. Both points were equally heated and outraged. I agree that she (J.K. Rowling) never said outright that Slytherin was meant to be the evil house, but it was hinted (rather obviously) at throughout the series. 

Overall, you should try a little harder to cancel out the points. I suggest backing your claims up with evidence from the books, making them seem more believable and accurate.

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"Also take into consideration that Slytherins aren't exactly fairy princesses"

Um, Scylla? The judges aren't supposed to give opinions. 

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I didn't view that as an opinion. But see here: 

Crabbe and Goyle: Brutes.

Draco: Scheming.

Bellatrix: Insane.

Pansy Parkinson: Nasty.

Millicent Bulstrode: Equally, if not more, nasty.

Voldemort: Psychokiller.

The Malfoys in general: Elitist.

Snape: Whatever you say, he has an unreasonable, pointless hatred for Gryffindors.


That's just a few. Sack me as your judge if you wish; it's your decision.

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It seems that Scylla could be biased. Shouldn't the judge be someone in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? I know that Brookeira is in Ravenclaw, and I think Cho is?

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She's gotten equal results for all four Houses. 

And I think Brooke has shown loads more bias than Scy has.

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Wow....... I think that was kinda rude Mei.....

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I'm technically in all the houses, but if that isn't suitable then I'll step down. 

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I am in Raven claw, and:

Jeskai Way, Izzet League, Order of Saint Traft, Ojutai, The Same newspaper as Tintin, 2021 B bakerstreet, many other things. 

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I belive the only way to keep this fair is

Mystery Science Theater Three K


Uh, no. We should have my judge.

Well, last time you were a judge on Ravnica, you wouldn't listen to any of the points because you said they were stupid

Yes people. Please keep your points valid.

Wow, and lets watch: "Spooke monterz from Neptuen"

Or: "Adventures in the planet X 597579568357347576468486578578 54" 

Ok, never mind.

(Sorry, this is just a joke) 

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I love MST3K! Sorry Mei, I just invaded your thread. Bye! 

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Sorry, I had to interject. This is Brookeira.

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I have just finished one. It involved a scorpion, and Mexican hats.

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