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Your CB Self
I made this thread so people can learn about other CBers' CB selves. I also made this because I am changing myself, but not my name or AE.
I live in a tree house in Ellesmera, and I am friends with an elf named Crystal. She is not very strong in most magics, but can make a good crystal. I am an elf and a Dragon Rider. I am 200 years old. I have a purple dragon name Jolie. (My CAPTCHA is now a dragon!!!) My hair is a dark blue and I have blue eyes. I have pale skin and elf ears. I have a purple sword called Swift. I am strong in all types of magic.
Admins, please try to keep the spaces.
Jolie says wtkd. *What kid?* This kid. :)  
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(September 27, 2016 - 5:47 pm)

Cool Moonlight!I am a brown LaPerm cat with a navy blue white polkadot bowtie!If the pick doesnt show up look up LaPerm cat. It's the third cat that shows up when you click on images.


Might post more later! 

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(September 27, 2016 - 9:15 pm)
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Here's me- a cute 'lil bluebird. It's what I picture when I look at my name.

But if I describe myself in human form~ a tall, athletically built girl with pixie cut blue hair. Grey eyes, constant smile, and a bounce in her step. Wears a lot of colors. I don't know!!??

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(October 1, 2016 - 5:25 pm)

I guess this is the best thread for me to explain my appearance...

CB: I'm a light gray Lynx that has a strange pattern of black dots on the back and down the hind legs, white underbelly, and black tufts on the ears.

Real life: I'm a small girl, who looks nothing out of the average up here.  Unless if I wear my headphones.  Then you could most likely pick me out.


Bella says YOUR.  My what?  Oh, you must mean I should wear my headphones.  But I'm already wearing the cat ears headphone.

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