My Æ's Return!

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My Æ's Return!

My Æ's Return!

Do you guys remember Bella? From when I sent her and Princess away? Well, now she's back, but she's definitely grown up! So, while she was gone, she developed a sense of adventure, so she went on a spaceship to outer space, and stayed there for a while. Because time there is different, she aged more rapidly than us, so now she's about the age of all other Æs, between 11 and 18. Somewhere between there, probably between 13 and 17 for her. And after she returned, she went to explore in the Amazon jungle for a while, so now she looks different, too! She speaks in bold italics, and she's going to introduce herself now!

Hello everyone! I'm Bella, and I'm SUPER excited to be back here! 

Welcome, Bella!

Hmm... Bella, yes. I do believe my cousin Princess mentioned you. Yes. 

Well, here's her intro. sheet!

Name: Bella 

Age: How old are you?

Now? I think... maybe... 14, probably. Time is hard to tell when you've been in two different time places! And those time zones... at least their better than different years and all different everything!

Okay, then...

Personality: It changed! She's very adventurous, more daring that before, and more leader-like. She's explored a lot of the world, and likes boy friends more than girl friends. Because boys are more like her now. Although she hasn't really had romance before... (Hint, hint, a crush for her!) She still has her sweetness and eagerness from before, but not as much, because now she's more mature. She is still eager to do lots of things, and very easily likable.

Appearance: Changed too. Magically. I don't know how. It just changed. ANYWAYS... She has dark-ish skin, like Native American skin but slightly lighter. Slightly. She has long black hair down to her thighs, normally braided then put in a bun, when she has time to do so. Shining black eyes full of adventure and eagerness. Slender, agile, fast, good at climbing trees, running, hiding, and all those things. She's tall for her age. 

Other: Speaks in bold italics. Would be nice if she had a crush! Romance! Nothing else.

I'm glad to be back! I can't wait to get more involved!


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(September 28, 2016 - 6:42 pm)

Welcome back!

Welcome back. 

She's kind of...strange-looking, isn't she? 


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(September 29, 2016 - 9:05 am)