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Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Where do we

Where do we all live in Chatterbox? What people live here and how did we all get to where we are? My house, unlike so many others is in a tree. Airy and open concept, mahogany wood, birch maybe. Feel free to explain your house/village/city(s)

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This is part from what I posted on Icy's CB Life thread a while ago (http://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/chirpatcricket/node/243914 is the link), and I added a bit about myself and AEs because it really ties the description together:

My personality on the CB is accurate to real life. My CB siblings are Zeon and Quill, my twins. And of course, BunnyLoves (my real sister). Zeon's my gamer, go-with-the-flow side. Although I never actually surfed before. Nor do I call people "bro" or "dude". Ever. But in general, he is my friendlier, happier, calmer side. And obviously, the gamer side. Being a bug actually, symbolizes his prankster/annoying side too. AKA, exactly what I can be at times.

Then there is Quill... She is my book nerd, geeky, grammar/vocabulary freak side of me. Also, the more proper, shy, helpful, smart, somewhat boring, occasionally... occasionally cold side of me.

Our house is a small little place in the middle of enchanted woods, surrounded by everything magic. Elves, fairies, werewolves, wizards, witches, everything. The house itself is enchanted. It consists of one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, and livingroom. Thing is, in the bedroom there is a closet.

The. Closet.

This closet is Zeon and Quill's bedrooms. You open it up, step inside, and a whole separate den appears. Straight ahead is their living room, with a TV, bookshelves, games and systems, more books, food, paper, pens, everything.

To the left is Zeon's room. He has more video games, a fridge, video game systems, webcams, computers, drums, his surfboard, everything in here. Then there is a door in his room that leads to the Normal World and a beach where he surfs with his bro, 8-Piece. By the way, this door is a portal, so he can change the set destination. But it is always kept on the beach. 

To the right is Quill's room. An exact replica in the size, but the interior is 100% different. The walls are dimly lit by lanterns and covered floor to ceiling in bookshelves. In one corner is her soft, handcrafted bed, on the other, a desk covered in books and orderly stacked papers and pens. She has a small dresser, covered in papers with book quotes, stories, and newspapers. Her glass door leads to the world's biggest library where she meets her nerdy friends, Critic A, Feather, and Hemin.

Unfortunately, humans and CAPTCHAS can't go into this world. Only AEs (or the AE/CAPTCHA ones).

My own room outside of the closet is a mix of Zeon and Quill's style. I own a few gaming systems, bookshelves, papers, desks, foods, everything. Opposite wall of the closet is my own Glass Door Portal, leading to the Neighborhood where most of the CBers gather. Here she spends time RPing with others about boarding school, talks to other AEs, and just simply chat with friends.

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