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Changing AEs


I know, you might be thinking, “But 8min was such a cute ship! Or, “What about Fudimo and MewFour’s evilness?”

It was really fun developing Hemin and Fudimo, and I’ve always been proud of myself for including Harry Potter, but I just don’t feel them anymore. I can’t play them anymore like I used to, and Clouded Leopard isn’t as active! Hemin and Fudimo are nothing without Cloud’s AEs.

I included an aspect of myself in my last AEs, which was being Chinese. This time, my AEs are fairy-like, which is my other main aspect of my CB personality. Without further ado, I present to you:

Name: Cassia

Age: She’s the oldest of the three.

Personality: Extremely nerdy. She loves her books to the point of insanity, and although she gets mad too easily, she always means well. She’s been shut in her room for days at a time with her books, and she didn’t even get hungry!

Appearance: She’s a wood nymph, so she’s really pretty. Rosy cheeks, high cheekbones, always a flower in her dark hair. She’s not exactly a dryad, since she’s not tied to a certain tree.

Talks in: Italic

Name: Dain

Age: The middle brother

Personality: Crazy! He loves to annoy Cassia, who loves to annoy him back. Extremely outgoing, he makes friends quickly. He’s really sweet to Lee.

Appearance: He’s half-brownie, half regular fairy, so he has wings that don’t work. Light brown hair, light blue eyes.

Talks in: Bold

Name: Lee

Age: She’s the youngest!

Personality: Super sweet. She loves both Cassia and Dain, which is the only thing that keeps them from murdering each other. She enjoys reading with Cassia, and dessert fights with Dain.

Appearance: Adorable! She looks Asian (sorry heheh) with brown eyes and the cutest smile ever.  She’s a flower fairy, and she’s the only one who can fly.

Talks in: Bold italic

This will probably all change as I develop them more, so I didn’t spend too much time on the charrie sheets. Bye, Hemin. Bye, Fudimo.




Please introduce your AEs to them, so they can start making friends and crushes!

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