Quick FYI.Hi

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Quick FYI.Hi

Quick FYI.

Hi everyone, I just had a quick FYI (for your information) that my name is spelled "AutumnArtist:)"

Its pretty funny because so many people have spelled it wrong. Here are some of the names people have called me




A.A. (I prefer AutumnArtist:) )

Autumn (I still prefer AutumnArtist)

Artist (Still, I prefer AutumnArtist)

A.Artist (Look above)

Autumn.A. (Look above)

The Artist (This is a different CBer!)

Thanks for taking your time to look at this. I just wanted to clear up any confusion. :) 

submitted by AutumnArtist
(March 21, 2017 - 1:33 pm)

Haha! My real name is Susanna, and people have spelled it Suzanna, Suzannah, Susannah, Suezannah, and even Zuzanna!

On the CB I've been called all sorts of weird mispellings, but it's been much better since I've gone by Shoshannah rather than ShoshannahLily =)

submitted by Shoshannah
(March 22, 2017 - 2:37 pm)