Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

At twelve o'clock midnight, Dain walked into Lee’s room, a bag of candy in his hands. Cassia would murder him if she knew he was giving Lee this much sugar this late at night, but he didn’t care. He wanted to play with Lee! He expected to see the sweet little girl curled up, as always, clutching a stuffed animal.

“Lee!” he whispered. No response. He threw back her covers.

Lee was missing.

“CASSIA!” Abandoning all caution, he yelled for his older sister. Grumpily, Cassia stumbled in.

“Why are you--” she started to snap, but then her eyes widened. “Where’s Lee?”

“I don’t know,” Dain was trying not to panic. He mentally went through the evening, Cassia reading Lee a book, and then her brushing her teeth, climbing into bed. Nothing extraordinary.

“She wasn’t kidnapped,” Cassia looked down. “Her shoes are gone. She walked out.”

“What lured her outside?”

“Another AE?”

“But who?”

“What should we do?”

“Should we find help? Go look for her?”

Cassia sat down on the bed, her usually-engaged face looking scared and dejected. “Someone help us,” she whispered. “Lee, why did you go? Why didn’t you tell us?”

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Lee hadn’t been asleep for long before she started dreaming. She was standing in a green forest, trees going for as far as she could see. It was slightly cold because of the wind, and blurry because she was dreaming. Before she could go explore, a dark-haired boy appeared in front of her. His poker face was perfect, and he seemed void of emotion.

“Hello, Lee,” he said. “Do you know who I am?”

She shook her head. His eyes were boring into her head, making her nervous. He looked Asian, like her. He also seemed vaguely familiar.

“Alright. Follow me.”

Could she trust this stranger? Lee started to shake her head again.

“Cassia’s in trouble,” he added.

His words had exactly the effect he wanted it to.

“What?! What happened? Is she alright? I’m scared!” A tear ran down the little girl’s cheek.

His face suddenly softened. “Here, have a candy.” He handed a sweet to Lee, who ate it unhappily. “A monster took her. I’m a magical person. I’m here to save her, and I need you to come.”

Lee looked into this stranger’s eyes. Just a minute ago, he had seemed like this unfriendly creature she should steer clear of, but now, he showed compassion and caring. Lee didn’t know his name, but she trusted him with her life. This strong feeling was so unusual, maybe the candy had something in it other than normal flavoring. But Lee didn’t know to reject food from strangers.

He turned, beckoning for her to follow. The young child did gladly. Inwardly, he chuckled.

I persuaded her in minutes, he thought. Kids are so gullible.

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Wait... what? Are we supposed to help? Do we just watch? Is it a story?

Are there CB police?

What the heck is going on?

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Whaaaat? Nooo! Lee couldn't have been kidnapped. I won't let her..! I can't...! *starts crying*

We have to do something to help! AEEEEEES! 

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Ok, what can I do to help?

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Uh-uh, no way. Come on, Let's go. How am I gonna fight her?

Calm DOWN, Riverstone. Think about it rationally.

Yeah, you're right,  Meadowpelt. 

*well, idnt care! Here icom, Leee!*

Temuri, no, get back here! Mei, Cassia, Dain, what can we do to help?

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Puck: *Hisses* Uh-uh. No way we're leaving an AE. Lee; we're coming to help you.

Boys; SUIT UP.

Ariel:  *Stirs sleepily* Yeah, huh?

Diovald: *Yawns* What's going on?

Puck: *Glimmer in her eyes* Wakey wakey sleepyheads. We just received an AE alarm from Fairyland.

Ariel: *Rubs his eyes* Puck; it's 4 in the morning. . . go back to sleep.


Diovald: What? *Jumps out of bed* Lee is. . . gone?

Puck: That's what I said earlier! Now listen closely; suit up as fast as you can, and grab whatever you need. I expect that this journey will be long, and we don't know what we're going up against. According to this AE alarm,

Ariel: AE alarm?

Puck: *Shrugs* One of the CBers came up with it; it alerts AEs if a fellow AE is in trouble.

Diovald: Kind of like an Amber Alert on Joan's phone?

Puck: Sort of. According to this AE alarm, Lee went missing from her house, and there's no trace of kidnapping, or anything.

Diovald: *Growls softly* How can we help?

Puck: First you should get dressed. I'm going into my shop and grabbing all of my Prank supplies; including my newly made Greek Fire.  Then, we just watch and wait for what Cassia, Dain, and Mei-Xue say.   


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Evil Devin: What? Huh?

Alfred: We will do whatever you need. Just say the word.

ED: Who's we!? 


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Me: an Æ is in trouble?

Grey: scramble the jet! Arm the torpedos! Send out the assasins!

Niccolai: not again... first Jarnen now this?

Doublock: where was Lee last seen? Is there any security footage of when she dissapeared? How can we help?

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First off, we should organize a search party-

Leee gone? Wrer iees she?

-Hmm. If I were Lee, where would I go?

We have to find her! Why would she leave, anyway? 





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i huddle in my bed, scared that whatever took lee would take me next. as i hid from the monsters that seem to be oozing out of the corners, i hear cassia crying. i realize hiding is never the answer. i get out of my bed and venture into the forest. my paranoia dissapears, and it feels like a blanket has been pulled off of me. i feel naked, and the cosienness is gone, but it's refreshing. i scan the darkness for lee, but a figure appears out of the darkness. his skin is light, his eyes strangely blank. "Come with me," he says.i run, but then i see lee hiding behind him. i rush towards lee, but the figure whispers something to them, and they run at me. i grab their hand to take them out of the forest but then lee takes out a bottle of something. she sprays it at me before i can realize what's happening. everything goes black.

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The dark stranger led Lee to a sort of prison-like place. It was dark and gloomy, a huge building for one person. “Where I was exiled to,” he said.

“What does that mean?”

“It’s when you’re kicked out and someone takes your place.”


They went inside. One room was full of lethal-looking potions, another of dark books. Lee was still smiling despite these surroundings, which would have melted anyone’s heart except for his. Normally, she would have been scared and called for Cassia, but she felt calm. This person was going to save Cassia.

Out of nowhere, he pulled out a wand. “Imperio!

Lee’s brain turned off. Walk around . . . walk around . . . now jump . . . do a cartwheel . . . Orders began to fill her head. It was a wonderful feeling, like she didn’t have to make any decisions, just obey, obey, obey. He took her outside, leading her to another AE standing among the trees. Spray it . . . knock it out . . . he ordered as he handed her a bottle. Lee did just that, and the figure fell to the ground.

Lee was completely under his spell. He could do anything he wanted to her now, torture her, kill her. And Cassia and Dain would be next.

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Right about what?

It was Fudimo!

One of Mei's old AEs! Fudimo and Hemin! I was pretty sure by the second post, but this confirms it.

Y'know, I don't think we were supposed to give that away.

 Well, too bad! I get gloating rights!


Where in the world do you get "Little Bunny Foo Foo Dinner"?! It's Fudimo!


Dev! You're older than I am! You should know this!



I'm not so sure . . . 

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