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Okay, I know people have been asking you questions all day about this. But I felt I should ask in my own words.

So... Regarding +'s post and the LGBT topic in general. What are the boundaries? Because I am a bit upset about the idea that we can't have diverse characters. I mean, I understand that we can but it is way more limited than regular characters. For my Solo Writes and RPs I encourage having diversity - different races and LGBT. Then I see that this isn't really allowed.

For example, I know your guidelines like the back of my hand. I know heavy romance isn't allowed, you've made that quite clear. But you always allowed regular crushing/shipping and a bit of hugging/holding hands. But when I see others attempt that with LGBT characters it is deleted or altered. How come? I mean, isn't it the same thing? Those characters are still human (or alien, if it is sci fi). So what's the difference?

I am only trying to sort out why you are putting boundaries on these things. Like, I understand boundaries when it comes to romance between any group. But allowing it for one and not for another is just... I don't know, a bit unfair?

Again, I just want to clear these things before I even try using LGBT characters in my stories. I want to, because it is something that has been around for hundreds of years! It makes the stories more realistic. But I need to know why/what boundaries there are for it.  

LG characters are allow, but explicit romance is limited. We can't put all specifics into a statement or rules. We do our best to apply the same guidelines to all characters. But Admin will always reveiw each comment before posting. You are 16. Maybe you'd be more comfortable writing stories with these characters someplace else. For further understanding, please refer to the comments from BHR on this thread:


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Of course, I am part of other forums, Admin. And this mainly was less for myself and more for others. I was just perplexed at your decision. I might be sixteen, but I am naturally young at heart and care a lot about my people - in this case, the CB. 

I appreciate all the work you do for keeping the CB safe and diverse. It's a hard thing to do, deciding what to keep. And I understand the romance aspect, that doesn't bother me. And regarding BHR's comments, yes, I've read them. Still - and I do not mean this in a rude way at all - is exactly what I've been hearing over and over. It's just... shifting questions to the side instead of answering them. Regardless, I appreciate your answer.

So we can have LG characters then, I understand that. But what about the other ones?


Likely not, but comments are reviewed on an individual basis.


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On this thread, Ashlee says: "So we can have LG characters, then. I understand that. But what about the other ones?" 

To which you reply, "Likely not, but comments are reviewed on an individual basis."

Does that mean you don't accept other diverse characters?

What is posted depends upon the wording of the comment or story at the discretion of Admin.


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Yet that applies to LG characters as well, otherwise that would be a bit unfair, right?

I have no idea what you mean by "that." What applies?


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Admin, I know you are busy (and rightfully tired of us at the moment) but I just wanted to see if you ever received my comment. I answered your question. 

Also, Owlgirl, thanks for commenting! Even if I have no clue what it was :D 

Yes, I have a comment from you waiting to be considered.


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Okay... That would make it about 6 comments that have to be considered from me. Or deleted. Actually, they probably got removed.


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My comment on here still isn't here.

I know it's probably one of the four or five posts being held.

But I just wanted to say. I wanted to have something on this thread that says I posted it. 

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Okay, I'll try this again (one of my many, many comments that haven't shown up).

Thanks, Owlgirl! I have no clue what you said prior, but regardless, I appreciate you commenting! 

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I'm sorry for being impatient, but will the comments show up soon? I saw you had four in review. But I am curious if those were on here because I didn't think anyone would say anything of the guidelines. Thank you.


Now there are five and not likely soon. Because of the holiday weekend I doubt there will be anyone for me to collaborate with about this until at least Wednesday. Right now I'm leaning toward ending the whole discussion and focusing again on the wonderful poetry contest going on at Pudding's Place and Alice's prizewinning story. 


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Ah, okay, thank you, Admin. I forgot it was a holiday weekend... wow, how time catches up. Sure does keep on busy!

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I'd just like to clarify here ( I hope I don't sound rude) : 

So LGBT characters are allowed in terms of romance right, but characters that identify to different genders are not?

Also, Admins, this is kinda random, but when I'm posting something that I'd like to make sure you see, should I just put @Admins in the actual text body, or September @Admins in the name field? Thanks! 


All characters are allowed, as long as the text falls within Chatterbox guidelines. I would prefer you just put your name in the Name field, then just begin your comment with Admin or @Admin or Dear Admin.


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Note from Admin

Thank you to all who have commented on this thread. We are proud of how thoughtful and respectful you are. Chatterbox welcomes everyone and a variety of diverse characters in its stories. Admins will continue to review comments and post all that we consider appropriate for our readership. We do our best to be fair and considerate to all. Borderline comments will be considered on an individual basis.

This thread will be left open for a day or so, then closed to new comments.

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You are kidding me! Right? Right? Better be kidding.

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Not kidding. I see.

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*takes a deep breath* So lemme get this streight, only LG are allowed?

I've read your whole comment, Claaws. LGT are allowed. And comments about others will be evaluated, but by definition any that involve themes we've deemed inappropriate for Chatterbox will likely not be posted. Romance for any gender is limited on Chatterbox. And we care very much about each person who uses this site.


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Wwwwwait....I've been saying "Oh don't worry, B is allowed..." is B not guaranteed? Sorry, please don't mistake my tone for condescending.....I have a strong personal connection. I'm a proud LGBT ally, including of those in my life...and quite a few of them, including one of my best friends (she is one of the awesomest human beings I've ever had the privilege of knowing) so, yeah.

I know the whole thing is not definitive and depends on the judgment of individual post.

(Once again, I'm not feeling any anger or anything. I'm calmly expressing my thoughts. At least, I hope that's what I've conveyed! :P) 


Owlgirl, we've read and considered your whole comment. What we've already said stands: LGT are allowed. And comments about others will be evaluated, but by
definition any that involve themes we've deemed inappropriate for
Chatterbox will likely not be posted. We appreciated your thoughtful and respectful comments. Thank you!


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