HELP!ok so i

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HELP!ok so i


ok so i need help... 

my friends and i are in a this class and we are making shelters in the woods. It is really hard because we HAD five people in our group and now we have six. First off it is wayyyy too hard to make a shelter that big, and second off, it is hard not to goof off anod work. The teacher is ok with us goofing off, so that makes it even harder. I'm the oldest in my group, and really one of the only two who want to do anything. So two other people weren't there yesterday. (one of which does a really good job of keeping us all straight and actually making things happen without seeming totally bossy). 

So here are the people - 

A - the really nice girl who keeps everyone straight without seeming bossy who wasn't there yesterday 

B - her brother who is very sweet and also wasn't there 

C - A very smart and wonderful girl who is very hyper. 

D - another wonderful girl who isn't really into making the fort so isn't all that helpful but is very sweet. 

and E - who is the newby and is very young. 


Ok, so C, D, E and I were the only people there yesterday. I was trying to suggest some ideas I had and they weren't listening, then I started puting a frame on the top part of the fort but they kept taking it off and taking my work apart. To be fair, they thought I was jumping the gun, but what makes be mad is that they wouldn't listen when i tried to explain my plan. So then instead of telling me/everyone what they thought we SHOULD do, they started playing with stick swords. I tried giving them jobs and suggesting things, but I only appeared really bossy. 

What should I do?! 

When A is there it is always much easier, but I can't always lean on A and I'm really tired of watching all the other teams finish their projects before us and getting better than us. I'm here to learn, not play swords. 

As you can see I'm frustraited and I don't know what to do because I don't want to be that bossy kid who won't let anyone else do anything. uuuugh! I just don't know what to do. It's been like this for 3 years! My friends are so busy goofing off they don't take time to respect other people and learn. please help me! 

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I completely get that! I have the same problem, and it is so annoying! I've tried getting the others to talk about what we need to do so we're all on the same page so we can do it. Also I've tried just going with the flow and letting them do their thing. Also, I've tried telling them why we need to do this on time. I don't know if any of this helps, but I hope at least one idea will!

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