Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

I go and stand on one of the four big
fence posts, at the edge of the pasture, whenever I need space or need
to think, or just want to be alone.

It's so pretty out 
with snow on the ground. The fields open up in front of you, the horizon
illuminated in the sunset. The barns off to your right blend in with
the snow. To your left a small rise, glistening in a blanket of snow
that covers winter wheat.

And up ahead? Oh my. Up ahead
stands the most beautiful sycamore tree,  pale white like snow, with
branches dark against the sky.

Oh the sky! Far, far above
your head is beautiful grays and dark blues that blend together in wavy
streaks. Further down, it lightens to pale purple, then a rich rosy pink
with streaks of yellow...and finally into deep red.

The picture before me is so magical. Aren't I lucky to see it? Yet when I leave, it will go. Forever. How sad...

But aren't I lucky to have seen it as it was? So truly beautiful. And
what makes it so special? The rarity of such beauty and the that of
eyes, minds and souls that choose to gaze upon such beauty, magic and
aweinspiring happiness. So I write, and hope it will go on in my heart,
the hearts of those that read this, and my words.


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Wow. Just wow. That was beautiful.

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Thank you, you're kind words and support is so rewarding! 

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