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Shape-Shifters Blog Post

Ok so I wanted to post something about shape-shifters on my blog, so this is what I came up with. None of it is copied. All of it is my original ideas. i asked questions, and then answered them to help me write this. 

What happens to the clothes?

When a shape-shifter shifts to it’s animal form (or human form for some) it’s clothes become fur, scales, feathers, or skin, according to what it shifts into. A more experienced or powerful shifter can keep his clothes or bags from changing if he wants, but few can or want to do this.

Do the heavy bags make it harder to move?

Yes, they will make it a bit harder to walk depending how strong you or your form are, but they will be a little less heavy. It is not recomended to carry anything larger than a standered backpack. If you leave the bags in their original form instead of allowing them to change, then they will weigh the same amount. Most shifters only carry a small pack or satchel when they shift.

Can they shift halfway between forms?

Only the most powerful shifters can. Often, what looks like a werewolf is just a wolf shifter.

Can they shift between more than their original form and their other form?

The more powerful or more experienced can shift into the animals they feel close to, as well as their “spirit” animal (also known as patronus), but very few are powerful or advanced enough to do this.


Let me know if you have more questions, or have thoughts!

Always looking for more ideas! I intend to do more of these if you like this. I am very intrested in various fantasy creatures and forms. Admins, I would love your thoughts as well.

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I might do something for winged creatures if you guys want.

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Has anyone even looked at this?

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Oh, cool! Think I missed it before. Hey, Nymph! Someone's talking about shapeshifters! I don't think they've met you!

*walks in* *looks* Yeah, nope. *leaves*

I'm not quite sure how it works for Nymph, but she can shapeshift into anything she wants. It doesn't even have to be a specific animal or object. She's shifted with a swimsuit before, but I don't know if it works for things like dresses or coats. 

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she does not sound like a shifter to me. But it is very different for AEs, so......

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OMG I am so sorry! I thought it said she was your AE! It is different for AEs, but she is not a shape-shifter. I think that she must be modified in some way. Maybe an escaped experiment. And she must have somebody shifter blood.

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No, it's fine, she is my AE. I didn't mention it, though, so I guess that's my fault.

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