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@Admin, what's the

@Admin, what's the Blue Moon Story?

Someone on CB (from Michigan, I think) mentioned blue moon ice cream. I'd seen it
in Wisconsin but (being a chocoholic) had never tried it. When I looked
online to try to find what flavor it is, it mentioned a variety of fruit
flavors (pineapple, raspberry, and others?) and said that it was only
available in Michigan and Wisconsin (and disagreements about which had
it first). Then one day, I found it in our local supermarket in
Illinois! So I bought a half gallon and tried it. It is very fruity

A week later we had a neighborhood block party. It was a Halloween
party in late October, so it got dark early. When it was time for
dessert I dashed home to get the Blue Moon ice cream, which seemed very
fitting for a Halloween dessert. After I put it on the buffet table, I
started to hurry across the yard to tell some friends that I'd just put
it out and to come get some before it was all gone. And in my haste in
the dark yard, not looking at the ground, I tripped on a beanbag toss
game and fell, breaking my right wrist and gashing my leg.

 I had to wear a brace/cast for six weeks. 

Now my favorite ice cream treat has become capuccino-flavored gelato.
And I'm very careful to watch where I am going and use a flashlight in the dark!



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(April 3, 2018 - 1:19 pm)

Heya! I remember this- it’s my name too. :)

Have you ever tried the ice cream?


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