Hey, peoples, y'all

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Hey, peoples, y'all

Hey, peoples, y'all remember me??

Due to some weird glitch, I have been unable to post for a while, (literally, none of my posts would appear) but I've been on the site the whole time, and now the glitch seems to have been fixed because I've posted several times, no problem. So yay, Mm. Mimi is back!! (If you can't remember who I am Cry , check out my intro post. It's in Chirp at Cricket, starting with 'Hello, y'alls'!)


But.... That's not the point of this post!! Loads of people have AEs and Captchas, so I thought why not me?? Say hello to Thorn!! So named because she can be a thorn in your side.


Only joking, only joking. But she's.... ah.... quite determined. And loud. And strong-willed. Definitely a Slytherin, like me. Only ruder. 


KIDDING!! Heehee.... Undecided ANYway- appearance!! 


Hair: Thin-ish long dredlocks, bleached at the ends. Long enough that they're usually up in a sort of messy bun.

Skin: Caramel colored, but darker than storebought caramel candies. Around the color of brown bricks.

Eyes: Green. Dazzling, startling, green.

Personality: Kind of like a scab.



No, no, I mean that you're very tough on the outside, and appear all strong, and you are, but underneath all that you're very sensitive, and still recovering from past hurt. That's all I meant.

*Who a' you to call me senstitive? Who can't bear to listen to stories about hurt animals?? And why a' you tellin' the world I've been hurt before?? Blame yourself for only acknowledging me now!!*


Ahem.... Ok!! Thorn also has the ability to turn into a wild mare at will. She tells me that galloping around in the cool air is very freeing and relaxing. So welcome, Thorn!! 

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Hi again! Good to see you back. And welcome, Thorn!

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