Your ranting station!

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Your ranting station!

Your ranting station!

Here, you can say whatever's on your chest. There WILL BE NO JUDGMENT HERE, just a few rules and one suggestion.

1. No cussing. The Admins are good at trimming, but please give them a break and replace any bad words with various words that have no negative meaning except when used emphatically.

2. Don't tell anybody off. I don't want to see any 'Nobody cares' or stuff like that.

Suggestion: You don't have to use any anonymous name. If you feel like it, I'm not going to hold you back, but the main point of this thread is so that we can come around you and uplift you, and it's kinda hard to do if we don't know who we're doing this for.

Nihil says 'uwin'. I win what? 

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Hmm, well, I haven’t much in the way of rants, but I would like to say that Sea Glass’ pronouns are xe and xyr. I’ve seen ‘xem’ used a couple of times, but that’s incorrect. Don’t worry, I don’t hate you forever. I’m guessing it’s just confusion about conjugation. To that end, let’s look at a couple of examples. *pulls a sticky note blackboard and white-pen-tipped pointer out of nowhere* *starts writing*

“She went to her room to get herself a pen.” *taps pointer* Easy. This covers every form of pronoun I can think of; I do not know their proper names, and I apologize. But look, you got “she”, “her” and “herself”. That’s the important bit. Now let’s change the pronouns.

“They went to their room to get themselves a pen.” *taps pointer* Compare to the previous example. The counterpart here to “she” is “they”, to “her” is “their” (possessive, see, because the room belongs to the person in question), and to “herself” is to “themselves”. You could argue, of course, that when used in singular form as here, the proper form of that last is “themself”. To that, I have no answer but that I use the other one because I like it better. Got it? Cool.

Now, here’s the same example with SG’s pronouns: “Xe went to xyr room to get xyrself a pen.” “Xe”, “xyr” and “xyrself”. No ‘xemself’ in there. It may be believed that ‘xem’ is the proper correspondent to “her” or “them”, but such is not the case. *scribbles out that section* No, with SG’s pronouns, the equivalent of “she” or “they” is “xe”, that of “her” or “their” is “xyr”, and that of “herself” or “themselves” is “xyrself”. Much more like she/her and he/him than they/them, if you ask me. Pop quizzes coming soon in a thread near you. Not really. But I do hope to see correct usage from now on. *taps pointer out of existence* *waltzes off humming*

Mexi says drwo! Dr. Who? Mexi, I didn’t know you were a Whovian! 

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I have finals in like an hour, and over the past two weeks I probably went to school like less than 5 times, and some were "half" days, which are until 3 and are only religious studies, and I just can't, and I am pretty good at both history and chemistry (today's tests), it's still difficult, especially with my absences, and I'm so done with school, and they're probably gonna kick me out, or at least not let me back next year, and MTA does seem like a great school for next year (or this year if I'm kicked out), but I've been in this school SINCE KINDERGARTEN AND CHANGE IS HARD, and the only other option is online schooling, which is devoid of irl socialities, and MTA has a like hour transit for me, and I have trouble waking up as it is, and yeah I basically just hate everyone and everything now.


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I know I'm late here, but first off take a deep breath and calm down. It's going to be okay. I understand not liking change, but look on the bright side. If there wasn't some change then we couldn't go from bad to good. You have to have contrast to feel the full meaning of something. Without change it means nothing. Don't expect the worst, maybe you won't get kicked out of school! Maybe things will turn out alright. 

I know it is easy to get down or stressed about things - we all do it! But just know that things turn out one way or another. Life is a constant path leading you forward, with tiny journeys mixed into the big one - baby steps in the whole step of your life. Each journey leads into the next one. Even if one journey doesn't 'end' in a perfect way, we can always view it as a new 'beginning.' 

Nothing is perfect, everything has its pros and cons...but again, that's what makes life meaningful! School is just another step in your life. There will be hard days and there will be good days. There are always other options if you end up hating MTA or if you do get kicked out. I don't know the details, but from my viewpoint getting kicked out sounds pretty drastic. Try not to worry...if you do get kicked out, there are always other options. Just move along, one step at a time. Don't worry about the future, which (as far as I know) you can't predict. Don't regret the past which is gone forever. Just live in the now and try to stay positive! 

I hope this helped a little. I'm sure everything will work out. I know I'm way late, but good luck on your tests! I hope now that they are over you are a bit less stressed.  

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(November 28, 2018 - 4:54 pm)

Okay so I am going to rant about my music teacher

he is new this year

he didnt look at the prevoius teachers notes

he is super mean

we arent allowed to have solos 

he treats us like babies

he gets mad at us when we dont wear  black shoes to performances

he has a ridiculous grading policy

he CHANGED the notes to traditional christmas carols

he is boring

he yells at my friend when she has to blow her nose


whew all of my steam is out thank you! 

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This year I had a science teacher who was rather terrible. His teaching methods were decent but extremely boring, and he would install systems that didn’t make sense and then never use them, talk down to students, make improper use of the systems my school has for resolving issues, and never take any responsibility. He was also a strange, uncomfortable mix of friendly and disrespectful. I dropped the one class I had with him a month or two in (I do not regret it), but I heard from others that he would assign homework late at night the day before it was due. Happily, he didn’t think he fit in either and was fired/quit this morning before school. 

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(November 28, 2018 - 4:09 pm)

This sounds exactly like my biology teacher, except mine has 30-some years of experience at the school and there's absolutely no chance of him getting fired. He's super disrespectful, curmudgeonly, and thinks his (admittedly impressive) decades of experience make it physically impossible for him to make a mistake. Not once have I seen him own up to something he's done wrong, and he's done plenty wrong in this quarter alone.

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Subsitutes are pretty bad, but I had one who was absolutely downright EVIL.  

She basicly ignored the class. 


During a lockdown, she was ON HER PHONE on Instagram or something. 

If we ever so whispered, she would yell at us for being too loud. 

One of my friends struggles with Math and Science, and when she asked for help, the sub just read a question from the paper we were working on and dismissed her. 

She expected us to complete one 4-paragraph essays in one hour every day 

Another friend tripped and fell during class, and when someone helped her up, she yelled at both of them 

Talk about WORST SUB EVER! Frown 

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(November 30, 2018 - 4:06 pm)

You sound like my friend Caleb, except he says that his science teacher never taught him anything, so he is forced to rely upon his Star Wars and Harry Potter logic and knowledge/understanding of the life, the Universe and everything else.

aMbER sees Bella say gzzn... she is falling alsleep during science class, she supposes....

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Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear all of this. I understand being frustrated with someone like this. I hope that things work out and that your music (teacher) isn't such a pain in the future! 

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(November 28, 2018 - 4:58 pm)

@Viola? thanks! I gotta question: Is it actually proper grammar for 'xem' to be omitted or is it personal preference?

@coyotedomino ohhhh, good luck and my best regards to you!

@Miss Hawthorn, sounds like a great teacher! *ULTIMATE SARCASM ALERT* Oh and also weclome, I don't think I've met you before! 

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(November 28, 2018 - 12:18 am)

Glad to know somebody cares (wipes tear and runs out of room to get tissue)Cry

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(November 28, 2018 - 3:19 pm)

Proper grammar. Some people do have “xem” and “xemself” in their pronoun sets, but Sea Glass doesn’t, so for other people it may be correct, but in this case it is not.

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(November 28, 2018 - 4:00 pm)

So in my school we have a lot of classical literature (16-1800).  All of the textbooks practically gush about how great it all is, but honestly color me unimpressed.  I'm not saying this to sound smart, and it may come across as sounding stupid (which I won't dispute), but it kind of seems like the only reason these stories are famous is the fact that they were first and the pool of literature was much, much smaller.

For one thing, it often seems as of the intent was not to please the reader, or even to promote morals as it usually seems, but rather to prove the author's own intelligence.  For an example, one of the long poems (if you could call it that, as it doesn't have rythm, rhyme, pretty even any real mood) referred to someone looking in the water and being surprised at their reflection.  From this the conclusion to be drawn was that the woman had just been born, and there wasn't really even any context.  It's not impossible or even that difficult to figure the poems and such out, but it's really just a chore.  To me, pure difficulty and metaphor doesn't constitute good literature.

There's more, but it got so long that I'll just cut it off here.  Does anyone else think that literature is often overrated?  I like plenty of the classics, it's just that some of them...  aren't that good.  Not everything ages well.

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