PICTURINGS!!!!!!! with a

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PICTURINGS!!!!!!! with a

PICTURINGS!!!!!!! with a twist!



I'm going to say what a certain CBer looks like in my head JUST based off of their name and/or posts they've made. The CBer is going to be *drumroll please* coyotedomino! There's no real reason, I've just always had a very clear picture in my head of what coyotedomino looks like. Y'all can continue this, naming a CBer, and describing their apppearance as it is in your head. 

RULES: No put-downs, such as 'really ugly'. Purely descriptive, with no offensive comments.

Also, if you've been mentioned, feel free to reply and comment on the realistic-ness!

Anyway, I see coyotedomino as really thin with skin the colour of either rally dark caramel or really light milk chocolate. Messy pitch-black hair, and big dark brown eyes with super-long eyelashes. Latino background. Usually hunched over carrying a pile of books.

I don't know why, but this vision has been really clear in my head since the first time I started CBing and coyotedomino posted a 'welcome'. *shrug*


Have fun!!!!! 

submitted by Peaches, age Immortal, Mt. Olympus with Demeter
(November 26, 2018 - 5:49 pm)

Cool! So like written picturings? In that case, I’ve always seen Cockleburr as having thick, warm-colored, messy hair, big bright glasses and a smile. She always looks you in the eye and maybe isn’t super tall, but she sure is active and keeps your attention. 

Leafpool always sounded like she had big, glossy, dark curls and very fashionable tastes, with a lot of time and care put into the way she looks in a way that shows. She stands up tall with a perceptive gaze and a gleam under her perfectly made up eyelashes. She may not smile as often as Burr, but you can bet she’s pretty when she does. 

And hey, let’s see about you. Peaches... Pink and yellow, of course, maybe a nice swirl of brown and green for the tree? Hazel eyes, a thicker build, adorable hair—maybe braids? Probably a skirt, not necessarily the first person to greet you but certainly among the rest; friendly like that, and loads of fun. 

submitted by Viola?, age Secret, Secret
(November 26, 2018 - 10:12 pm)

Huh. That's actually a really cool description of me.... In case you're interested, I'm uber-thin with shoulder-length-ish hair, kind of dirty blonde to light brown. I do have a kind of orangeish-yellow undertone to my skin, although my eyes are greenish-greyish-bluish. I've ALWAYS wanted hazel eyes.... I usually wear jeans and some kind of themed t-shirt. At the moment it's Doctor Who.

I've always pictured you, Viola?, as skinny and really pale, wearing a bluish-purple mini-dress (hyphens galore!). You're hair is pitch-black in a short bob in my head, always styled to perfection. Sharp grey-blue eyes, a pointed nose, and a heart shaped face.  

submitted by Peaches, age Immortal
(November 27, 2018 - 12:06 pm)

Back for more!

I always think of Gracia as Asian, with straight black hair falling heavy and shining between her chin and shoulders. She’s petite and graceful, perhaps even dainty, and may bite her nails. She’s likely to look away from you unless you’re talking, and every laugh you get out of her is a sweet victory, though it’s not too hard to achieve if you know her well. 

Claaws seems like she’d have brown hair and a china doll face, but with a wider mouth and not-creepy eyes. Her canines stand out, especially in a certain smile. She’ll be joking around a lot, pulling faces and making silly, dramatic poses. I think she said once that she has black dragon wings and a tail? It would fit her. 

submitted by Viola?, age Secret, Secret
(November 27, 2018 - 8:17 am)

Also, Soren Infinity has always had a specific look for me.

Always freshly washed really dark brown hair, about chest length, with intelligent bright blue eyes that seem to stare straight into you, like Dumbledore's. Small, upturned nose, with kind of a splash of freckles across the bridge of it. Dresses mainly in black and other dark colours, but not punk or goth or anything- elegant styles. Rarely smiles, but when she does, she has a bit of a dimple in her left cheek, and a mischievous twinkle in her eye. LOOOOOOOOOONG eyelashes. Most people assume she's wearing falsies, but she's not. 

General Waffleson probably has really light blond hair, but not platinum. A little shorter than average, maybe, but not much. Dresses in shades of blue, mostly. Upturned nose with oe attitude to it. Pale blue eyes, almost grey. Really light skin.


submitted by Peaches
(November 27, 2018 - 12:16 pm)

Ah HA I like this kind of thread.

My picturings aren't as vivid as say, Viola's, (THANK YOU for that picturing of me, by the way--I love it) and I don't always get clear pictures of people in my head, but I get vague ideas and I'm trying. 

Joan B. of Arc: I see her as having cool metal armor, probably holding a sword with jewels. Brown hair, in a braid or loose and long. She has green or brown eyes and she's tall. 

Leeli: I picture her as having beautiful long blond hair, blue eyes, and being a little shorter than average. Wearing jeans, or maybe leggings and a long shirt. 

St. Owl: Wears short-shorts, a green t-shirt, and has big feathery brown wings. She maybe wears glasses and carries a pink messenger bag. She has brown hair, or blond hair, about shoulder length or a little shorter.

Peaches: Curly hair, maybe light brown or strawberry blond, with a big smile and green eyes. Wearing a pretty sundress, with flowers on it, and strappy sandals.

aFountainPen: Short blond hair, with grey eyes and wearing a pendant necklace. She also wears a dark grey t-shirt, shorts, and combat boots. She's average height, has kind of a shy smile, and carries a backpack full of sketchbooks.



submitted by Leafpool
(November 27, 2018 - 12:20 pm)

Aww-thanks Leafy! I love that picturing of me!

You know-that's actually pretty close to my real life appearance, (besides the armor of course.) At the moment, I have long brown hair (I'm cutting it soon) and I have green eyes. 

I picture your CB appearance as a sort of woodland fairy, with a pretty shade of green hair, like a shamrock or emerald color, it's long and very flowy-it always seems as if the wind is gently blowing it, even though there might not be wind there. Sort of like Pocahontas and her hair, you know the "colors of the wind" part. I also imagine you in a dress, that reaches the bottom of the forest floor, and you often have a deer or owl by your side. You have elegant wings on your back, that sparkle radiently in the sun. Your eyes change color according to your mood, often times they are green or brown, but not like the forest brown, more of a bright chocolate, if that makes sense. You are always smiling, and have a beautiful twinkle in your eyes. And on your face, it seems like there is gold sparkles.

For your everyday appearance, I picture you as someone with short brown hair and blond streaks, light blue/green eyes, and wearing a t-shirt that saves "save the earth," or something like that. I also picture you with black boots and jeans.  

submitted by Joan B. of Arc, age 16, Camelot
(November 27, 2018 - 6:58 pm)

I see Starseeker as wearing a sparkly shirt, probably with sequins, big hoop earrings, and silver platform shoes. She has straight brown hair, mid-back length, and wears dramatic eye shadow. She wears a blue skirt, too, and black tights.

Kate the Great has a dark olive green trench coat, a bowler hat, and a mischievous expression. Probably with dark silky curls and bright blue eyes. She has her hands in her pockets most of the time, unless she's drawing something.

Secret has long, light blue hair, brown eyes, and butterfly wings. She alternates between wearing a fancy dress and jeans with a t-shirt.

I think of Abi as having short brown hair, like really short, with some longer pieces in the front. She wears dangly earrings, Converse, cute fashionable outfits, and carries a tote bag with Microns and a sketchbook. She dark makeup on, that becomes her, and tanned skin. She's medium height, energetic, and usually surrounded by a pack of friends. 

submitted by Leafpool
(November 27, 2018 - 12:32 pm)

Oh, this is cool! I have very distinct images of what everyone looks like in my head, so I'll do a few: 

Peaches: I picture you as having strawberry blond hair and a round face, and wearing a lot of pink and peach. Since I don't know you that well, I haven't really come up with an outfit yet, but I'm thinking something with cute patterns. I'm synesthesic (I have no idea if I spelled that right), so I have colors in mind for everyone, too. Yours is peach XD

Viola?: Tall, slender, with long wavy purple hair. Wears comfortable clothes with splashy designs. Your color is violet. 

Leafpool: I actually picture you looking a lot like Zoe Saldana, but with green hair that has lilies in it. Cat ears, too. Your color is green. 

Starseeker: Long blond hair and almond-shaped eyes. Wearing a dark blue shirt with white constellations on it and dark gray leggings with roses on them. Black dragon wings. (You look a lot like my friend River in my head, since you remind me of her.) Your color is dark blue. 

Alizarine: Short curly blond hair and hoop earrings. Wearing a drapey dark red cardigan and black leggings with a white shirt underneath. Carrying a sketchbook and a can of Ovaltine. Your color is red. 

Kate The Great: Red hair that goes just past shoulder-length and gets wavier as it goes down. Turquoise tank top and jean shorts. Your color is teal. 

Soren Infinity: I actually picture you as your CB appearance. Despite the fact that they're really awesome, I totally can't picture you with dragon wings for some reason, though. Carrying a diamond Minecraft sword. Your color is bright blue.

Rogue Wildling: Tall, wearing a black hoodie with black jeans and combat boots. I picture you having short brown hair in a ponytail with bangs that fall over one eye. Your color is black.

Shhh... Not Telling: Long blond hair dyed purple on the ends, wearing an off-the-shoulder white shirt with black stripes and black ripped jeans. (this is actually the skin I'm using in Minecraft rn, but it's also exactly why I think you look like.)

More will come later! 

submitted by Agent Winter, age Classified
(November 27, 2018 - 4:02 pm)

The word-picturing of me is acutally kind of accurate. I have brown hair, but other than that,  (besides the wings-but I do love the thought of having them) it's accurate! 

In my mind, Viola? has long black hair that has loose curls, and has a red berét. She's wearing a green dress with short sleeves and barefoot. She has pretty purple eyes that are almost creepy in a fun-and-serious-way. Also, super pale skin. 

Lilypad has always had hair like Viola?, but blonde, and green-eyes. She wears a pink dress and jeans, with red sneakers. 

Coroline has a black bob, pale-ish skin, and navy blue eyes. She also has a red T-Shirt and a pink skirt with white lines intersecting each other, creating something of a rhombus pattern. Black tights and blue sneakers follow.  

submitted by Secret
(November 30, 2018 - 4:18 pm)

Oh, this is a cool thread! I don't look like that irl, and I've never portrayed myself like that, but I actually quite like the image. It seems to fit my... Persona.

I'll try and post here some descriptions later, but I'm rushing now. I'll be back. 

submitted by coyotedomino, age 15, Asteroide B612
(November 27, 2018 - 2:12 pm)

I don't really have any full images, just imperfect fragments. But here're some.

General Waffleson: Brown messy hair with a little bit of blond streaks, skinny, average height. Hazel eyes.

Agent Winter: Blue dyed hair in something like a short bob, wears T-shirts with words a lot. Heart-shaped face, I think. Wears loose shoes, like sandals or Crocs or something.

Leafpool: Long blond hair, like down to the middle of your back. Green eyes, and I get the feeling you're tall and slim.


submitted by coyotedomino, age 15, Lost
(November 28, 2018 - 5:41 pm)

Another round: 

I think of Soren as on the tall side, having long, loose black hair, with tufts of something soft and white in it, maybe feathers or fur. A thick, voluminous cloak colored irregularly in white and purple obscures her form. Her eyes are a silvery gray, but on occasion, their sclera may glow. Her lips sort of blend in with her skin tone, and her expression is often ambiguous in a way that suggests a mystery. 

General Waffleson always reminded of an English toy soldier. Red coat, black boots, white kerchief, tall hat, but a waffle in place of a plume. He doesn’t act much like a soldier, though, being cheerful, spontaneous and informal, and his rifle may shift into a variety of other objects. He’s also shorter and younger-looking than most toy soldiers, with wavy brown hair, brown or blue eyes and a ready grin. 

I first think of the flower when I think of Marigold, the orange-gold kind with a thick floof of petals, but then the view spirals down and to the right, and below the flower sits a girl with loose blonde curls and a layered dress. She’s got a healthy color, almost tan, and eyes that could be orange or blue or green, but are always framed by dark lashes. She is quiet, hands in her lap, until she sees you and breaks out into a smile.

Chinchilla, similarly, brings to mind the animal, round, fluffy and gray. The girl is rather like it, with an ash blonde bob, soft brown eyes and a smaller stature. She’s less nervous, however, and frequently moves her well-made hands when speaking. 

Jwyn sounds like all my favorite colors: Blue, green and purple, with dashes of sunny gold and cerise. She must duck fast with the way all my mental pictures of her are blurred. Perhaps she has dark skin and an agile body, moving fluid as a dancer and rarely keeping still.

Zeus always carries clouds, cumulus, pearly gray and backlit. His curly hair blends in with their motion when he lets them come out of his pockets and grow, though his plain pants and T-shirt reveal him. 

Fleet makes me think of ships first, a regatta of little white birds on a sparkling river. But then I imagine fleet of foot, and suddenly there’s glimpses of someone running nimbly through a twining, rambling, brambly forest on rabbit’s legs. 

Esthelle is buttercup blonde and princessish in looks; oval face, big round eyes, tall and stands up straight. However, she doesn’t always wear regal dresses or fancy ball gowns. She prefers fandom T-shirts, and sometimes carries a wand. Her collection of footwear knows no bounds, including white leather boots, low black heels, and every form of sneakers. She still doesn’t mind going barefoot.

Thanks for doing me, AW, and Leafy, you’re welcome! I think Peaches’ are better, though.

Mexi says coru! 

submitted by Viola?, age Secret, Secret
(November 28, 2018 - 6:18 pm)

Some more happened.

I actually see Starseeker as a dragon. Just a big silver dragon with scales and a ruff like plate mail or pieces of stone, a long neck and a moderately blunt face. She has blue or green eyes, and may be looking up at a night sky streaked with deep, even colors like spills of ink.  

Secret seems like she has part of her head shaved, and the rest of her hair spilling soft and smoky down to her right shoulder. She wears a gray long-sleeved shirt with a scoop neck and a high waist, the hem falling in folds at her sides above dark blue pants and knee-high boots. Her pupils are not easily distinguishable from her irises, and she often wears a small, mysterious smile. 

For Silverwaxwing, the wings come first (of course). Long and pointed, they spread out low with a chaste yellow hidden between grey feathers. Then a head rises up from their center, darker than the wings, a dull brown that’s nearly straight with a curl at the ends, and falls all over her delicately structured face. High cheekbones, small nose, pointed chin. The eyes glint dark behind her hair. She is slender, and wearing a sash around her waist, but you don’t see much more before she takes off, and then of course she’s flying away. 

Lots of gray so far, but June doesn’t have much. Clothed in colors reminiscent of their month, primarily a deep sky blue, verdant green and honey, their smile crinkles the corners of their eyes behind their glasses and emphasizes a sweet, round face. They have shortish, free hair with maybe a streak, caramel skin and sporty summer wear, adding a jacket if it’s a little cold. 

Tyberious Firestone. Their wings are red and orange with gold highlights, and a red jewel gleaming with dancing light sits on their chest just below the collarbone. I’m not sure if it’s a pendant or set into their skin, but it’s always on display. To this end, Ty often wears warm-colored tunics with slits or cutouts in the neck. They set off all this warmth with touches of subdued browns, blues and purples elsewhere in their outfits. 

Alizarine is just red first, the shade Bob Ross calls alizarine crimson on his palette. Slowly, she develops long dark hair, a thoughtfully medium build, abstract patterns on her clothes, strange jewelry, and a solemn face that hides incredible brightness. 

submitted by Viola?, age Secret, Secret
(November 28, 2018 - 7:26 pm)

Hmm, so I appear mysterious to you guys. @Peaches, yes, I do have dark hair and blue eyes, but sadly, they're not very Dumbledore-y. :( @Winter, aww, thanks for calling me awesome! It's okay, even I don't see myself as a dragon. XP and you're right, my color is bright blue.

I have really clear pictures of some of you.

Peaches, you always seem short, with tan skin and freckles on your cheecks. You have round, dark green eyes and textured ginger hair in a ponytail. You have a very round head and a big smile.

Viola? has a sort of thin, oval-shaped face with dark brown eyes, a sort of long nose, fair skin, and long dark brown with little hints of dark red and black, up in a high ponytail.

Micearenice, you are a tiny girl with big dark brown hair that contrasts with the size of your body. You have fair skin, a few freckles, havel eyes, and a smirk. For whatever reason, you always seem to be running away from something on a dirt trail. 

I can also picture Secret, Darkking and Ty, and Rouge, but I have to go to school now. When I get back!

submitted by Soren Infinity, age 27 eons, BeaconTown
(November 29, 2018 - 8:16 am)

@Leafpool: ah, I wish I had the confidence to pull that off! Eye shadow is right, as is the skirt and the hair colour. And that shirt is epic. :)

@Agent WInter: I actually do have almond shaped eyes! That sounds like something I'd wear too, but alas I don't have anything that matches that description. It's super cool though! Dragon wings too? I love it!

@Viola: I love dragons and the colour silver, so all of that is so perfect! My CBer appearance used to be a dragon, in fact-- just a big ol' black and purple dragon. (I like the silver idea better, though. More airy.)

And as for picturing others! (these are mostly going to be fantasy-like)

Soren Infinity has layered reddish hair and hazel (or maybe purple?) eyes. Something on your face-- like a sticker that you meticulously place every day, maybe some freckes as well. Your skin is pale but moderately so. There's something ethereal about you--not in a light, graceful way, but in a non-human way. Some thing that makes you stand out from the rest. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Leafpool is ethereal as well, but in a light and graceful way. She's like... water, I suppose, with a delicate crown of blooming pale flowers and leaves. Long pale grey brown hair, with sort of a bluish shimmer? Hard to explain, but I saw someone like that. Blue or green eyes, pale skin. Sort of wraith like, but in a good way. Wears something flowy-- like a gown like a goddess would wear. Persephone? Definitely willowy.

Vyolette... hmm. I know what you truly look like, so I don't know how much of this is based on that and how much is based on my imagination. Thick wavy brown hair for sure. Moderately fair skin, brown eyes. A solid presence, not flighty like Leafpool (and Leeli, when I get around to her). A ready smile and quick wit. Definitely have cat hair on your clothes, but in an endearing way rather than a sloppy way. Probably (definitely) holding a cat, a brown one. Purple t-shirt, black jeans... Something on your head, maybe a purple flower with emerald leaves, a crooked purple flower crown, or a purple set of wire cat ears. Something elegant, but fun. Tall and lithe.

Joan of Arc is blonde for sure. Willowy, is a way to describe her. Silver armour, functional and practical, but elegant, too. Moderate height. Red accents-- maybe a crest, or a banner, or a scarf. Long silver sword, not rusted exactly, but it's been used. Slim, lightly muscled-- fit and lithe, but not showing off. Green eyes? Peaked face. Stoic and determined expression, looking straight into your eyes or into the distance.

I'll do more later!


submitted by Starseeker, age 168 moons, Enterprise
(November 29, 2018 - 11:48 am)