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I got this idea from the 'weird fandoms you're a part of' thread I was a few weeks ago. So.... What's a weird hobby YOU have? I like to knit and cross-stitch. Oh, and watch Star Trek: The Next Generation reruns with my mum. :)

PS. My Captcha said cmow. C'mon? 

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I was going to let someone else comment first but *gasp* YOU WATCH TNG??? ME TOO! I just finished the last season a couple of months ago. I'd have to say that my favourite character is... Dr Crusher, probably, though I love all of them. <3


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Mmmm... My mom's favourite i DEFINITELY Cpt. Picard. I don't even know who mine is!


PS. Favourite episode? Mine is probably either the one where your thoughts come true (scary much?) or the one that debates whether Data is a 'person' or not.  

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pretending to draw animatics and questioning everything I've ever done.




I also pretend I youtube 

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