Welp I'm a

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Welp I'm a

Welp I'm a little late but.....

Wait for it.......

I'TS MY CBVERSERY!!!!!!!!!!!


So her's a little blurb:


she had been here for a year surrounded by friends which felt like family. They felt the same way. "

What were they going to think now?" She wondered "What now?" 

She felt a little spark inside her that would ignite soon enough. Sooner or later anyway. But now was a time to celebrate! To be happy! To be distracted from life for a bit......

It already sounded weird but her subconsious was lonely. Her art needed a friend. Someone who would complement her. Maybe...


A voice shouted in her head happily. But she could feel something behind that peppiness even though it was just one word. Someone who hid behind jokes and laughter instead of showing themselves. 

Find me!

A taunt? This was a first. She entered her mind and saw a boy about her age maybe older? He looked happy then sad. Beside him a girl popped up. The girl had blue hair and and a flower crown. The boy had purple hair and black wings that seemed clipped. 

set me free.

Just a comand. The girl stepped forward and released him. he looked up with joy and soared to the sky. 

The sky's the limit!

he shouted joyfully and full of glee. The girl laughed and then she was swept back to the present. But it wasn't the present. It was the Chatterbox! She saw the blue haired girl and the purple haired boy in front of her.



The boy flew away. Too soon. She didn't even know his name.

He'll be back.

She didn't doubt it 


So new AE idea! Kind of how I've been feeling lately but yea!

I can't belive it's been a year! Thank you guys for being supportive of me!

Also stay tuned for a new AE!

Thanks Logan!


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I really like the little detail about his wings being clipped! I... Feel the same way...

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Happy CBversary, Moonlight! Wow, our CBversaries are really close together! Mine was March 2nd, Congrats on a whole year! 

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Happy Cberverary, Moonlight!

no *punches someone*

Happy Cberversary! Wow I like chocolate!


My mind is prone to wandering.


Are you ok, Stella?









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