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I am a complete nerd. Literally. I have a few questions for you, so I don't feel like the only nerd out  there.

1) What level of math are you on?

Me: High school trig and calculus. 



2) What is the hardest book you ever read?

Me: Nothing. I can't find anything challenging. BUT I've read all the classics. 

3) Private or public school?

Me: Public. I'm going private next year.

4) What grade?

Me: 5th

5) Fave subject?

Me: Dismissal.

AAAAAND 6) Share the word: Nerds, ur awesome!

XOXO Nerdy Girl 

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I can totally relate. At my school, everyone is just so nerdy that we all call each other nerds as a compliment.

Nerds are the best! 

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*Totally blown away that there are more like me*

Oh my gosh! No. Way! I have question though. How are you studying calculus and be in 5th?

My favorite subjects are Latin, Math (I don't know what level... Every curriculum is different though so who knows), Science (I adore science), and Drama (aka Shakespeare).

But talk smarts to me. I want to see how close we are in knowledge. :) Do you like physics? I love physics. I'm going to a physics and rocket science camp this summer at a college, and I'm super excited for it! They did have a robotics camp which I wanted to go to, but I was too young. Anyway, what about you?

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pushy mom

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*raises hand* uh I’m in high school trig and Pre calc too. 

Really?? Wow you must be so smart for a junior

Hey it’s the class I’m supposed to be taking this year!!

And when was the last time you went? 1972? And what’s ur grade? -1%? 

...I haven’t checked since the semester started

of course you haven’t. 

psssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh schools for nerdssssssss

*points to thread* 


Youre not welcome here!!

ok ok! I’m going! Geez a little salty today rnt we, Naax. 



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Hmm, I'm not sure if I'm a nerd or not, so I decided to answer the questions a bit :P

1) What level of math are you on?

I'm doing pre-algebra right now. I have dyscalculia, so Math and just the basics of it can be really difficult for me (through no fault of my own).

2) What is the hardest book you*'ve* ever read?

It was a book called Pontius Pilate. It was pretty interesting, and I loved it historically, but the author had a tendency to overwrite and clutter the book with too many words. It still wasn't that bad, and I did enjoy it!

3) Private or public school?

looks around in case someone is listening❄ whispers❄ Y'know, there's this thing called... "homeschool". Don't tell anyone, though. It's a secret, okay? Good, good. If anyone asks, this never happened.

4) What grade?

I'm a freshman.

5) Fave subject?

I've always loved History. I don't really like timelines though, or mapping--you're never going to remember them for the future, and they don't apply to normal life like how the other parts of history do.

I guess I'm only part nerd, because I'm homeschooled and dyscalculic? (Is that a word even?) 

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1. Common Denominators. Hey, I'm a literature nerd, not a math one.

2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I honestly have no idea.

3. Homeschool.

5. Literature. My reading is actually college level.

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yah, i love like love to read. I took a bunch of reading tests and half of them were above college. The other half didn't have results that high.

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1) What level of math are you on?


2) What is the hardest book you ever read?

In 8th grade we read the first 3 chapters of Don Quixote in Spanish for a few nights of homework. That was pretty hard.

3) Private or public school?


4) What grade?

Sophomore. 10th grade for anyone who doesn’t know.

5) Fave subject?

I like them all - a lot of the time it depends on the teacher. I love math, science is really interesting (but I don’t like chem!), English is great of course because reading, and I’ve come to genuinely like history over the past few years after some of the best teachers that I’ve ever had taught it. Oh, and Spanish is alright, I don’t care about the subject that much but I really want to be fluent in it.

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1) What level of math are you on? 

I'm pretty young for the CB, only in grade 5, but I learned how to caculate the area of a circle and find the volume of a triangle?? I'm a literature person. I could probably do some beginner pre algebra though. 

2) What is the hardest book you've ever read?

Probably Chains. It's pretty deep. The Little Prince wasn't neccesarily hard, just deep. 

3)Private or public school?


4) What grade?


5) What's your favorite subject?

English. It just beats everything.  

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Me too! I like chain too! I am also in fifth grade at public school and I also prefer literature to math... 

also you can't find the volume of a triangle since it's two dimensional  

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1) I HATE MATH I HATE MATH I HATE . . . I'm sorry, what?

2) uuuuuuuh Oliver Twist? That was last year, though, and I'm more used to Dickens now

3) private

4) 6th

5) UM writing, Latin, science, art . . . . . . .

6) totally!!!! (I already have though) 


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*points to self* opposite of "nerd"


also, Spiffy, your 1) question:



Oh wait this is basically a thread for people who love math. Math, um, don't die?


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1.I'm currently doing pre-algebra

2. I have no idea

3. Private

4. 7th

5. History, but nobody else in my class likes it 


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