It was a

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

It was a

It was a peaceful day at Floof Industries HQ, a big-ish house that was on Ladybug lane. Two of Ella Starburst's AE's, Andrea Getty and Eziekiel Owtatawa (no one can spell it) were in the living room, which coincidentally looks just like your living room. 

Andrea was petting and playing with the two CAPTCHAs of the Floof, Ted and Frank. Zeke was reading a book called "Intergalatic profit.". By his chair, there was a rusty locked box that will be important later.

(This post was originally going to be much bigger,but then the internet decided to delete it all and I don't want to write it exactly the same, so I'll just put descriptions of my two AEs.

Andrea Getty is a 4 ft. 8 twelve year old hispanic girl with curly, black hair that reaches all the way to her back. Her eyes are constantly changing, kind of like mood rings, and are currently lavender for funny. she is exuberant and joyful, representing My right brain. Currently, she is wearing a green tee and long denim jeans.

Eziekiel OWttato is a five foot three inch pale boy with a black mullet Andy's length that everyone hates. His eyes are brown and he is all bussiness, representing My left brain. He is currently wearing a dark blue t-sirt and Andy's pants.)

Andrea looked at Zeke, a lavender glint in her eyes.


Zeke rolled his eyes, knowing what was coming. "What?"

Andy snickered. "cHiCKEn bUtT!"

Andrea laughed profusely as Zeke groaned.

"That was a low-hanging fruit, Andrea Getty. Low hanging fru-"

Suddenly, the rusty box(I TOLD you it would be important!) started frantically jiggling. The AEs and CAPTCHAs looked at it, with yellow-green eyes for worry. The box jiggled and shook intensly as though something were inside it, struggling to get free.

Then the lock broke.


BAMSPLAM! Ezekiel sprang over to Andrea as the box split open! Out burst an intergalactic portal, writhing and twisting as Andrea's eyes turned deep purple; true,intense fear. The four screamed as the portal grew bigger and more intense. The lights went off, making the wormhole the only source of light. The wormhole made thunderous noises and grew bigger by the second, until OUT CAME...

an oddly fashionable poncho.

The four were still as their eyes bolted to the poncho. It had the weirdest designs you could ever think of; zig-zag overlaying polka-dots, dogs cuddling aligators, and was even complete with a purple sombrero. The air was thick with silence. The wormhole dissappeared into the box as it mended itself.

Andrea was the first to go, her eyes now light purple with caution. She let go of Zeke and crawled over to the sombrero. After a few moments,  she put it on cautiously. Everyone waited for something, anything to happen, but no response. mouth still agape with hesitance, she slowly yet surely slipped the poncho over her head.

After a few minutes, she stood up and flipped over the once overturned chair. 

"Everything's fine," She called out unnescescarily loudly.

The three huddling together let out a sigh of relief, shared by Andrea's gray eyes. 

Zeke got up next, and walked over confidently to the box, picking it up and examining it.

"Well, my dearest Andy," he remarked, "It seems the 'wormhole-in-a-box' you got me a s agag gift was legit."

"who woulda thought?" Andrea luaghed nervously as the CAPTCHAs strolled over. Her eyes, yellow-green with curiousity, furrowed at the sight of the box. "I wonder..."

suddenly, she yelped out, "MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION IS 1080P!"

The box opened, surprising Zeke as it CLANGED on the ground. Out popped a wizard hat that flew up to Zeke's head. He adjusted it and smiled.

"You seem to have a theory," He grinned at the yellow-eyed joyful girl.

"I sure do!" She bounced up and down with Frank and Ted, all who were exuberant.

Ezekiel leaned down to the box on one knee, smirking with subtle enjoyment.

"why did the ocean cross the road?" he inquired.


"Because he felt like it. Don't stop him from achieving his dreams."

nothing happened. The three jumpers stared wide-eyed at Ezekiel.



"*sigh* his dream was to get to the other tide."

The box burst open and out popped a pair of comfy train-track footie PJs.

"does this only work with clothes?" He inquired as he folded the pajamas.

"Aw man, this is UBERNIFICENT!" Andrea Sprinted over to Zeke and hugged him. "We GOTTA post about this, man, We just GOTTA!"

"pleasestop okay, Andrea," Zeke rose as Andrea let go, "But how are we supposed to make a post about this?"

Andrea stopped, and paused for a minute. Then she looked up at Zeke with bright yellow eyes.

"Remember that machine we have that turns jokes into cookies?'


After getting Ella's approval for the idea, The two AEs set up a stand in the middle of Chirp At Cricket Circle, one of the six main streets of the Chatterbox.Andrea was wearing her newly aquired poncho and sombrero, whereas Zeke wore his wizard hat and a Vincent Van Gogh long-sleeved shirt. They sat on two foldable chairs behind a white foldable table. on the left of this table, where Andrea was sitting, there was a cardbaord sign that said, in all caps,


"(we'll explain)".

On the right, Zeke's side, there was Frank and Ted playing with a red ball. Mimikyu, Ella's AE/OC/CAPTCHA/CAPTCHAE/ whatever the heck was on the table, looking at the CBer that the two AE's were also focused on.

"So, how does this work?" The CBer asked.

"You tell us a joke into this machine here," Andrea explained, holding up a small grey box with a red buttonand a purple button on the side and a cookie-sized slot on the back, "and then the box shoots something out!"

"You use the machine by holding the red button until you're done,"  Zeke explained, pushing a plate forward, "and press the purple button to eject cookie. Please aim said cookie on this plate here.

"It could be anything from a used tissue-"

"AE Cafe."

"-to itching powder-"

" Munchkin game."

"to a tree, or even a CAPTCHA!"

"Well, that seems legit AND fun!" the CBer smiled, snatching the box out of Andreas hand and pressing the red button close to their mouth, "Here's my joke..."


(whoever gets here first will have to continue with this prompt. I want all comments of jokes to be literate and smooth, kinda like an RP. When this thread dies, the box will dissappear, but might reappear again if you wish hard enough... 

What are you waiting for? TELL US YOUR JOKES!)


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note: Only one joke at a time please! Sorry, we forgot to put this on the post!

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okily dokily! got a joke?

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OFFICIAL guide to Andreas eyes(the deeper the color the more intense the emotion):





Orange: excited


yellow green-confused/curious

Teal: mysterious

Black: shocked

gray: relieved

Pink: embarrassed

Brown: Hungry

Rainbow: in love 

white: Tired

tan: bored

Gold: Prideful 

Silver: dishonest

Other: explained in context 


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Oh, and a joke! I have a bunch of banana jokes, so here's one:

Knock knock? 

Who's there?


Banana who? 

Banana wiener makes a hot dog! 

Ok... not my best joke lol 

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an oatmeal raisin cookie is produced. Mimikyu noms it, satisfied. the box opens, and out pops...

a smol goblin CAPTCHA. 

it scurries around with a stick, knocking Agent Winter on their knees as they pick it up, petting its head to calm it down.

"awe, cute!" Andrea giggles and Zeke made some notes.



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Can I? Can I please do it?!

Good gracious, you haven't even thought of a joke yet.

Oh. Um....

The narrator is waiting.

...C-can you do it?

Sure, I have a joke book here somewhere.  

Isn't that cheating...?

Could the purplish-haired AE think of an original joke herself? No, it wasn't very likely. In fact she didn't have a tendency to find any good jokes. Perhaps she should stray away from careers involving a sense of humor. Maybe she should look into being an organ donor instead?

Oh, hey, that reminds me, I heard one, it was like--

It takes guts to be an organ donor.

...dangit Thirty, I was gonna say it... 

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The machine popped out a sugar cookie with yellow icing, which Andrea saved for Zeke. Out popped an odd ball that landed right into Thirty's hands.she poked it a bit, but then it immediately exploded, drenching the storm in sticky Iiquid.

"...glue bomb that..." Zeke wrote down on a numbered page, specifically number 36, "...immediately explodes. Potion of... American... pride."He put down his pen. "Alright NEXT!"

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Where did the dirty aliens go?

To the meteor showers. 

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(sorry for taking so long!)

the machine popped out a rainbow cookie, which Andy munched proudly.

The wormhole twisted and turned, before coming out with...nothing.

"huh, "Zeke looked at it oddly, "it seems like the wormhole is inactive."

Spiffy walked away sadly as the two AEs looked concerned. However, they then looked purple-eyed, at least for Andrea, because they couldn't war Spiffy before the bag hit their head.

Andrea attempted t leap forward as all the CAPTCHAs did, but Zeke pressed her shoulder.

"You're working on range spells."

Andy nodded, then pressed her eyes together hard, bronze with focus. A bit of lavender dust came out from her, surrounding Spiffycat as they slowly got up. 

The thing that hit them was...a handbag! With a tag that said, "April Fools" on it. They reached in and pulled out a kiss. And another. And another. They were all Hershey by the way.

"OHh, an unlimited handbag of Kisses! I'm familiar," Andrea giggled Orange-eyed, holding up her own bag, "I have my own."

"okay NEXT!" 

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So I get Hershey's kisses? YAY! (I'm a girl by the way. Cuz we RULE).

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