Helloooooooooo everyone,

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Helloooooooooo everyone,

Helloooooooooo everyone, I'm SeagullStudios! I'm a seagull, who flies over the sea! (If I flew over the bay, I'd be a baygull, get it?) I am new, hyper, and a fangirl! I like to use caps, exclamation points, and make cheesy puns :).

I've read The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Ender's Game, and so much more! Hehe, any fellow ARMYs out there? (I love BTS)

Anyway, I'm joining the Chatterbox so hello, bonjour, and salutations!

*gives out free cake and confetti* 

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(April 7, 2019 - 12:03 pm)

Welcome, Seagull! Hope to see you around the chatterbox. :)

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Hahaaaaa, thank you! Enjoy the cake!

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Hi, Seagull, and welcome to the CB! I'm Soren, writer and Unwanteds addict (please just let me go to Barnes and Noble). If you have any questions about what's going on or why we have a *Throws hay* thread, feel free to ask! 

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Ooooooooohhh puns! Do you have any especially “punny” ones? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Hey Seagull Studios! That was one of my AEs, Bella. AEs are, um, frustrating. 

Aqua, I think Seagull wants to actually know what we are...

That’s Ella, SeagullStudios! 

Anyway, Æs? they’re sorta Alter Egos. They’re imaginary-

How DARE you!!??

heh heh yeah that’s another one of my Æs, Maediae. (He’s my mean side)

Hmm, I think that’s all my Æs. Bella, the overly hyper part of me.


Ella, Bella’s twin. Awkward, but that’s where she’s Waaay different from me!!   Heh heh heh...


Maediae, sarcastic and super nice. (Sarcasm alert)

Ugh another dumb CBer. You sound boorrreinnnggg. I already hate ya  

Maediae! >:(


Yeah, he also lies sometimes...(like what he just did right now. I can tell he likes you...) 

That’s all my Æs. I think?


Ahh, Stella Maris. Shy and quiet. Anyway, velcome to the CB!!!!!(I mean Chatterbox. You might have been the slightest bit confuzzled.) 


That’s Sherry, my CAPTCHA. Um, any CBer explain....?

VELCOME SEAGULL STUDIOS!!!! To a land of magic... adventure, and RPs!!!!!!!





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Welcome to the CB, Seagull!  I LOVE Percy Jackson and Harry Potter and a bout a billion other books I can't think of now! Basically I love reading! (I also use a lot exclamation points as you can already see!) Anyway you seem like a lovely addition to the CB and I can't wait to see you around!  

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Hehe, I'm filled in on everything. I have a friend who used to use the Chatterbox, but I don't know her username.

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On the Inkwell my name is Jithkeeper, everywhere else I am Spiffycat. I love world building, writing, reading, drawing, and other random stuff. Also Beanie Boos.  I'm crazy about dragons and lemonade.

*hands over a cup of lemonade* 

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Hey! I'm Gracia, the CB's resident hay master. (Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.) Welcome!

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Hi!!!! I also use a lot of exclaamtion points!!!! That's how someone figured out it was me on an SI, actually. Anyway, Hi!!!! Let's be hyper together! OOOOOOOOH yum Ice cream cake!

*dances around*

I like dancing, acting, singing, reading, and writing.  

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