@Admins: Would it

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@Admins: Would it

@Admins: Would it be possible to submit a short story to cricket to be published? Do you accept writing from teens? If you do, how would I go about doing it? I know it's not guaranteed that you will like and publish it, but can I send somehing in?



Cricket doesn't accept submissions from writers under the age of 18. But of course our contests are always open! You could also try this, the New Pages Young Author Guide. (https://www.newpages.com/writers-resources/young-authors-guide) Some of the magazines are for young readers, not young writers, but it's worth a scroll-through! Happy writing. --Admin

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I was about to ask this same question, actually. Admins, I know you said you don’t accept submissions from authors under 18, but I was reading the cricket submission guidelines the other day, and what I read said you don’t accept submissions from authors under 14. I’m fifteen though, so would I possibly still be able to submit a story? It’s always possible I misread the guidelines, I just wanted to make sure. 


That seems to be a typo! Thanks for letting us know. As a rule, until an author is legally an adult, we can't accept their submissions. --Admin 

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