Cricket used to

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Cricket used to

Cricket used to be so innocent. 

What happened? Everyone is talking about mental illnesses and debating over gender equality. 

I'm not saying that I don't love Cricket. I do, greatly. But, certain people are not making it a fun, safe, and creative enviroment. I really want my 8 year old little sister to be able to join Cricket, but I'm not sure anymore because the topics we're talking about now are very mature. 

Futhermore, I'm not saying that things like gender equality, mental illnesses, etc. are not important topics and that they shouldn't be disscussed but Cricket is becoming slightly toxic. 

I love all of you and the Admins and I just kind of hope things get better 


We do limit mature topics to some extent. But we also allow discussion of some real issues. If some of the discussions we do allow are too advanced for you little sister, I suggest you steer her to any of the sections of Chatterbox except Down to Earth. I think most of the topics you're concerned about are there.


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We hear your concerns, and we've talked about this before, and I understand what you're saying. But, the Chatterbox also says, as the Admins mentioned, that some topics are restricted and some posts get shortened because of this kind of content. Another point, the CB is said to be for ages 9 and up, so 8 might still be a little young anyways.

Parents and guardians are the only ones who can decide what and what not you are allowed to hear or read about. It'd also be a good idea to take the Admin's advice and steer away from DtE, where most of the more controversial topics are discussed.

I know that this can be a dangerous topic, but we can't change our identities- just how people look at the things that make us different. You should definitely have your parents take a look and decide what to do.

(Holy cow, I sounded so formal in that post... when am I ever formal?) 

(PS that first statement was a little dramatic... I don't know if 'innocent' was quite the right word. I don't want to start a fight! Just that it could offend someone.) 

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I kind of agree.

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I feel like we're going through a phase right now with more mature-ish things. This has happened before, I believe, and it always passes. I think what you're noticing is those posts that are technically allowed, so the Admins allow them, but don't necessarily fit with the personality of the CB. And if the Admins did limit them, people would get upset and that would just exacerbate the problem.

Maybe we CBers should try to limit bringing heavy-ish topics here. The CB was, originally, supposed to be a place to discuss Cricket and share writing and art and things like that. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but it was never meant to be a place for people to discuss mental illnesses and issues and things like that.

So, I agree with you to some extent, that the CB is becoming a bit less "innocent," but I also think that some of this is just people not necessarily considering whether the CB is the best place for their discussions. These discussions are amazing discussions and should definitely be had, but I don't know that they belong here.

(But I am bothered by the fact that you think discussions about gender identity are mature and not-innocent. People talk about their gender and sex from a young age.)

Down to Earth is meant to be the place for discussions of real issues that concern Chatterboxers, including health, items in the news, etc. But the scope is limited at the discretion of Admins.


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Part of becoming closer with people is them knowing what concerns you, what issues you have... Yes, the CB has become more controversial, but these are different times. The world isn't the same as it was in 2008, and there are new issues that people need to talk about. Maybe for some people, the DtE is the only place that they can talk about issues or happenings in the world.

Ok that's all. :)) 

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I agree with Concerned CBer - a little bit. I do appreciate the discussions that go on here, I really do, and yet . . . well . . .at the same time, I think that like Kitten said that's not really what the CB is for.

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@Kitten and spiffy, sure it wasn't made for this perpose, but that doesn't mean we can't use the CB to talk about more then Cricket and writing and art. In fact, our openness is one big thing that really draws me to the CB. You guys made me aware of so many things in the world around me, and I would hate to see all of this openness and good discussion end.

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I think this is pretty normal. A few years ago, there was a politics debate thread, and a discussion about LGBT characters. The politics debate thread got nasty, so I think we should steer away from politics, but discussions on gender inequality as long as they don't go too far into some territory not safe for young children is completely fine, and keeping her away from the DtE for a few years should be fine for her.

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Aaaaaaa I meant gender inequality, I think discussions of LGBT+ characterss should have the same restrictions on them as heterosexual discussions and aren't inherently innappropriate at all.

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I've been holding back on posting this for a while, but I wanted to share this in hopes it could help with this discussion. I just wanted people to be aware of this.

When I was about nine to ten, I encountered mental health--specifically depression--on the internet for the first time. I had read about it briefly before, so I more or less understood what it was.

Go forward a bit. I'm maybe ten or eleven at this point.

I start faking mental health issues (Note: online. Not irl). Depression. All for attention. I have no idea what a horrible thing it is that I'm doing, as nobody has talked to me about this or handled mental health properly with me. 

I'm beyond that phase now. But please be aware that, while seeking help for mental health is alright in my books, just, please, be careful with how it's handled.

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I have no idea what a horrible thing it is that I'm doing, as nobody has talked to me about this or handled mental health properly with me. ” I think this is why it’s important to talk about mental health so people understand them better. Again, talking about mental illness isn’t any different from talking about physical ones, and I bet I know a few kids who faked a broken bone because they didn’t quite understand what it was yet. Here we can help eliminate the confusion around mental illness, by talking about it. Education is key!!

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By the way, I meant I agree with Concerned CBer.

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I think I understand how you feel, ‘A Concerned Cber.’

When I arrived here (a relatively lengthy time ago) the Chatterbox was (or seemed) much more upbeat, and a little busier. There was (if I remember correctly) both friendlier discussion, and more ‘creative writing’ going on in general. Stories and ski lodges and role-plays and such lasted, I think, a little longer. And somehow, the Chatterbox felt more diverse in terms of narratives and interests. 

More or less recently— it’s been happening over time— the Chatterbox has transitioned and adopted a different atmosphere. CBers seem to invest a little less time in fantasy, poetry, fandoms, and cultivated positivity, and more time discussing personal problems and their real-world feelings on sensitive subjects. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with this, and the orchestration of the website is entirely up to Cricket. However, I do miss the old Chatterbox. When you think about it objectively, though, this is kind of how the Chatterbox is designed to work. Groups of users move in and out as they grow up, and whichever group is current determines the atmosphere of the Chatterbox. 

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I guess the CB changes with the CBers? I don't know. I agree with Kitten. I've noticed that things feel different, too, but if that's what it is now, it's probably what we need or want. Maybe not all of us, I suppose, but then you can always add the kinds of stuff you want to see more of. You have to make your own luck, yeah? If your tea is too strong, stir in some milk. Be the kind of person you want to see in the world. Something like that.

As for me personally, I'm finding myself fascinated by more and more realistic things. And things that don't interest me, I just kinda steer clear. That's about it. 

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1. I believe that before the CB was Toxic because support of the things you listed was not allowed. We are trying to make it the opposite of toxic now because we are supporting everyone’s differences and that yes, we have issues, nobody’s perfect, and that you are not alone for hardships you go through. Many believe that support is key, and this is a proven fact. We should spread love not hate, and I think a lot of the posts on this thread were very hurtful. Spreading love and support is not toxic and it makes me sad that you even think this. 

2. I don't think mental illness is a mature topic. Most mental disorders show their ugly faces in between ages of 6-19, which is the range the CB is aimed at. Also, education is very important when it comes to mental illness so we can eliminate stigma and show these children and your 8 year old sis that yes, people have problems and that’s totally fine and you should love them anyways. Educating kids earlier on about mental health can limit stress and bullying, as if they have one and don’t know what’s wrong it could be taken harshly and cause more harm in the end. This topic is not in any way mature, it’s about as mature as physical illnesses like the flu or a cough or a broken bone. You wouldn’t complain about innocence being taken from a child by explaining a broken bone to them, would you?  

3. Gender equality. Is this mature? Yes in some parts. Do we ever talk about those parts here? No. No we don’t. It is also a problem that children are exposed to from the moment they take their first breath. Its important to spread love, and again, not hate. Telling girls that they matter and showing them that yes, we too experience the same harassment and suppression and that they aren’t making it up can provide necessary support to self esteem and confidence. Telling them that they have a voice and should use it and can do whatever they want with their lives is not for the ‘mature’. Here’s some songs that I think you should listen to if you read over this and scoff or roll your eyes or laugh cause you don’t believe me. Little Girl by Faith Marie and Fall in Line by Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato. 

4. Also, because I’m like 90% sure you mostly meant this when talking about discussion of gender equality, if a child is LGBTQIA+ then when coming on websights like these it’s important that they know that they are supported and are in the right for being who they are. You don’t just wake up and decide you’re gay, you are born gay just like you are born straight. Most kids don’t realize they’re LGBTQIA+ until at a ‘mature age’ because this topic has been so hush hush and hated on that they just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that they are different in a world that despises differences. Education, again, is always key and again, it’s better if they learn about the LGBTQIA+ community earlier in life so they know it’s ok if they are and so they won’t bully kids who might be too. And if kids are confused, it’s essential to discuss things and show things that aren’t all straight males and females, because that’s not all that’s out there. And of course we never go past the line of things that are inappropriate for kids, just like the admins never post anything inappropriate referencing straight couples. Different types of sexuality and gender are not mature topics because again, you’re born a certain way, and although both are fluid you generally don’t change from what was wired in your brain at birth. Both are in the mind not body and neither change as a child becomes an adult. Knowing that they are supported for who they are are essential, especially since ‘gay’ is often used as an insult and socially frowned upon and rarely discussed positively in school. 

So, none of this is mature content. Times are changing friends, people are actually becoming more supportive and caring to those who are different. Why don’t you join them and make this flaming world a better, more peaceful, loving place? It’s ok to be yourself, here, in the world, everywhere.

You are valid. Your existence is valid. I love each and every one of you, and although some of you posted hateful comments, I love you none the less because I believe that people change all the time and love always conquers hate. <3

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