*sighs*Hey g

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

*sighs*Hey g


Hey guys... wow. I don't recognize anyone. My username is ElmoDaisy, and way back in 2015 (I think it was) i used to be a part of this site. Scylla, Gared, BroadwayGirl (I think?) , and a whole lot of other members (including my real life friend Cho Chang) knew me. Are any of them still around? 

Are there still murder mysteries? Those used to be so much fun.

I see there are AEs still. Good. None of the message boards I've been a part of ever understood AEs. Speaking of which...


BOLTON? *cries* Bolt... I haven't seen you in years...

Oh Daisy! I've missed you, my coffee lovin' person!

Not as much as I've missed you, figment of my imagination. :)  

Excuse me?

Guys, this is Bolton. My flirty AE. He will flirt with any girl, member or AE, so I apologize for him in advance. If anyone recognizes me or anyone knows of the Boarding School RP, please comment. Gared? Are you out there? Or did you move on years ago?

Welcome back, ElmoDaisy. Cho Chang came back for the reunion we had the week of February 14, 2019, and may appear a bit from time to time. I don't remember hearing from any of the others you mention recently. Yes, we still have ski lodge murder mysteries. I don't remember hearing from Gared for a long time.


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Thank you for commenting Admin! I just went and found the old Boarding School RP and the reunion of Feb 19th, 2019. 

Memories, wow. I'm browsing the Down to Earth and Inkwell during late 2015/early 2016 (which was about 4 years ago!) and I can't believe it's been this long. I was 12!! I'm now almost 17 [years old].

I'm glad CB is still active.  

We're always happy to hear from our long-ago CBers who have moved on, then pop in again!


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One more question-

I don't see my thread when I click Chirp at Cricket. Does it take a little while for the system to make it rise to the top? Also, I commented on the Boarding School RP and I see my replies have been posted. But it's still sunk deep into the abyss of years ago. XD Will it rise to the top of the forum again?

I don't know. A second reply may bring the thread back to the top. 


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*is in the middle of getting ready for bed*

*checks the CB*

*chokes on toothpaste*


Oh my gosh you really have no IDEA how much I missed you! And Bolton! Ah! Bolton, do you still have a crush on Icy?

*tackle hugs*

I will post more tomorrow! (Alas, it is time for me to head to bed.)

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HELLO!! Oh my goodness it's so good to see an old member! I thought you all vanished off the face of the earth! *like I did... coughcough*

As for Bol-

*Flips hair back from forehead* Icy, my ol'-

I'll stop you right there. As Bolton has had a crush on anything even resembling a girl, I think it's safe to say he still has a crush on Icy. And you. And any other girl around. *buries face in hands* I'm already embarrased and we've only been back a few hours, Bolton. Please. Just wait. 


Oh my poor, poor innocent Beth... she was my other AE. (As you all know, AE's represent a certain side or personality of their CBer.) She had represented my gentle, shy, innocent side. Alas, I'm not shy any more, and my poor Beth has moved on. She will be missed. 

*moment of silence*

*my sobs begin again*


I can hardly contain myself for joy, Bolton. Undecided

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How have you been these past few years? Are you still volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center?

Recently, I've been adjusting to a new school, working on my new website, searching for creative ways to spend my summer break, raising a new clutch of chickens, and working towards publishing my first novel.

A lot of the other older CBers are still ghosting around here...Every once and a while, Owlgirl, Joan, Dragonrider, Autumn Leaves, etc will come to check in. (Thank goodness.)

Remember this thread? xD http://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/chirpatcricket/node/257426 

It's amazing to hear from you again, Daisy!!

(Ahh, Bolton, I missed having you around xD) 

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*Scowls* Pathetic. That's Rogue, our CBer. They die every time an older CBer comes back. *Turns away* Honestly. I don't know why I even come to these things.

Hey, Bolton. Nice to meet you. I'm Lux, Nihil's brother. Nihil is... She's a first for many, if not all. WHELP I'm glad to have met you. What's your favorite... mythical animal.



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Nice to meet you all!! 

*stares at Nihil*

*elbows Bolton* Don't forget your manners.

Er... uh, favorite mythical creature? Mermaid... *stares in awe*

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*Notices staring* Can I help you?

*Also notices staring* Mermaids? Huh. I guess it fits. *Smiles* I think Nihil would make a beautiful mermaid, don't you?


Oh, nothing.

I'm sorry, what's going on - *Gets elbowed by Lux* 

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Ahhmagosh!!! Daisy!!! *hugs*

Gared and Scylla have still been around admins, but they changed their usernames (Gared went by Ella before they left again because of *cough* not-very-accepting-figures and Scylla’s still on here, they go by Hudson)

but dAiSy omg!!!! 17 wow... me too. We’re all so old this is crazy!! Ash graduated this year too!! Which I think is pretty insane I can’t belive how long it’s been and how much we’ve all grown up.  

Thanks for letting me know, Claaws. I can't keep track of all the names.


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Thanks for letting me know! I'm going to try and track down Gared on NaNoWriMo just to see if they remember me. XD

Wow... this is crazy. We're not kids anymore, Claaws :( Which is sad in some ways but also exciting! I'll miss this place....

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Oh my gosh, hi Daisy! It's been forever, it's so good to see you (and Bolton) again! There are still plenty of ski lodges and AE insanity. I remember the boarding school RP but I was never in it... I really enjoyed reading the posts, though. :P How have you been?

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I'm glad to hear all that! It's so good to see someone I recognize from all those years ago XD

I've been doing well! Since I last was here, I've moved twice and I'm still homeschooled. I've decided I want to join the military after college. How about you?


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Gared left a year or two ago, but, if you have NaNoWriMo, they still reply pms on there. 

I can’t remember if Scylla officially left or not, but I think she may have? I’m not sure.

And, now, for a short introduction for you to get to know me better; My name is June, I’ve been on the CB for between 3-4 years, I enjoy writing, reading, drawing, Biology, physics, economics and studying law! I also am very interested in Fencing, and have tought myself all the rules/techniques, and I do it with a stick. ;)

Alright, now you can meet my Æs,

Hey! I’m Max, it’s nice to meet you Daisy and Bolton! *grins* 

Hello..It’s a pleasure to meet you both...*smiles shyly, fidgeting with her necklace* 

*doesn't acknowledge anybody* 

*clears throat, elbowing Silvern in the ribs*

*raisees eyebrow* Pardon me? 

Silv, you need to introduce yourself..!

Do I now? *seems to be sizing up Bolton and Daisy* 


I see...


Salutations Bolton and Daisy, I am known by The name Silvern. *tilts their head forward slightly in a polite remark* 

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That's wonderful. By any chance can you tell me Gared's username so I can see how he's doing? 

It's good to meet you, June! I just finished a year of AP Physics and I desperately hated it. Science is not my thing. I like math, and English, and sometimes even history, but I don't like science one bit. XD

Your hobbies sound awesome! Especially fencing. Other than partiipating in competitive year round swim, cross country, track and field, I don't do a lot of extracurricular activites. Although, I do enjoy swing dancing and I love eating donuts. And coffee, I can't get enough coffee. Not sure if eating counts as extracurriculur activities?

It's wonderfull to meet your AE family. They're all lovely.

(I personally love Silvern XD) 

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I'm sorry, but although we do post Nano young writers usernames, they should only be posted by the peopls themselves, not a third party.



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