*sighs*Hey g

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

*sighs*Hey g


Hey guys... wow. I don't recognize anyone. My username is ElmoDaisy, and way back in 2015 (I think it was) i used to be a part of this site. Scylla, Gared, BroadwayGirl (I think?) , and a whole lot of other members (including my real life friend Cho Chang) knew me. Are any of them still around? 

Are there still murder mysteries? Those used to be so much fun.

I see there are AEs still. Good. None of the message boards I've been a part of ever understood AEs. Speaking of which...


BOLTON? *cries* Bolt... I haven't seen you in years...

Oh Daisy! I've missed you, my coffee lovin' person!

Not as much as I've missed you, figment of my imagination. :)  

Excuse me?

Guys, this is Bolton. My flirty AE. He will flirt with any girl, member or AE, so I apologize for him in advance. If anyone recognizes me or anyone knows of the Boarding School RP, please comment. Gared? Are you out there? Or did you move on years ago?

Welcome back, ElmoDaisy. Cho Chang came back for the reunion we had the week of February 14, 2019, and may appear a bit from time to time. I don't remember hearing from any of the others you mention recently. Yes, we still have ski lodge murder mysteries. I don't remember hearing from Gared for a long time.


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Darn! June, would you consider PMing me his user from NaNoWriMo? My user is DaisyTheCoffeeLover. 

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Oh, wait, my last comment stands corrected. Whoops. 

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Wowww...*falls over in surprise* Hey, Daisy! Wow, I was not expecting to see you when I opened CaC. Hi! It's hard to believe that you're 17. I guess it's been a long time. 

Ohh, hi Bolton. Hi playboy. Haha...I loved having both of you around. Are you visiting or staying?

To wrap up this short, disjointed comment...Hazel says ucow. Excuse me? I am not a--wash out your mouth, Hazel. *Shoves bar of soap in her direction* 

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Hi ElmoDaisy! Nice to meet you!

#Hiiiiiiiii Bolton. *bats eyelashes*#

Beverly. Enough.

#Don't tell me what to do, Em!#

Those are my AEs, Beverly and Emerald Frost. Beverly is wild, girly, caring, optomistic, and vain. Emerald Frost is mysterious, wise, responsible, and introverted. (And very beautiful, so I guess I'd better keep her away from that AE of yours . . . . ) 

#Hey! I'm pretty too! Riiiiiiight?# 

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Hi, Daisy, and welcome back!

I'm the same Icy from before, just...a bit less cringe? I'm a bit more laid back now, more than I was before, and I ditched my old AEs for one that suited me better. 

It's great to see you back again! I'm really happy you decided to give the CB a second chance. I really wish I could say more, and I actually had a coherent, good sentence I was going to type BUT THERE WAS A BUG ON THE CEILING

*Very purposely looks at Mice while very purposely ignoring Bolton*

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*is eating cereal* *almost spits out milk* Oh my gosh! Daisy! It’s so great to see you again, I’ve missed you so much! I was slightly less shocked to see this than I would have been had I not seen you post a few times on DtE already, but still, ah! I can’t believe you’re here! Cho came back for the reunion, and she stuck around to work on a solo write. She stalks us and occasionally graces us with a post on another thread. :P As for Scylla and Gared, Gared left (multiple times) awhile ago, and Scylla now goes by Hudson and posts occasionally, mostly on the art thread. 

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Talk to me, please. I miss you. *hugs* 

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*gasps of excitement* 

Daisy!?!! *runs and trips over feet* *squeals* *tacklehugs you*

Hi! Not sure if you remember me or my AEs, but Omgoodness it’s so good to see you again!!!!

Gared came for a little bit during the reunion... but is gone now. :( I think he/she goes by a different name now..? But I can’t remember what it is...

Puck: Dude, Ariel...is that who I think it is?!?

Ariel: *looks up from reading a book* *squints eyes* *rubs them to make sure he’s not seeing things*

Puck: ...Bolton?!?!

Ariel: *grins* Yup, it’s him alright. *gets up to give Bolton a hug* Yo Bolton! How are you? What’s up with life? You and your CBer have been missed! Also-*whispers in a low tone*

Don’t mess with my sister. Or else. Got it?

Puck: Oh Ariel, stop being so protective! Hi Bolton! *waves* *giggles* Good to see you’re still around! :) 

Me: Alright y’all give him and Daisy some space. Good to see you both! :) 

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Hey out of curiosity which branch of the military are you planing on joining? 

Also guys, Gared went by Ella and they would prefer you to use they/them pronouns thankyou. And Hudson also uses they/them pronouns. Daisy I don’t think Ella checks nano anymore but you can give it a shot. 

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screams! hello, what is up

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