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It's July now and obviously the temperatures are starting to rise. *pants* So I was just curious about what is becoming a growing debate in my household....dry heat or humid heat? Which is better? Which is worse? What are your reasons?   Personally I hate humidity more than dry heat. 

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Heat is awful. I absolutely cannot stand being hot. I’m a very hot-natured person, so summer can be almost unbearable at times. I’m almost always the first person in the room to get hot, and the most bothered when I am. The ‘oh, heat doesn’t really bother me’ type of people always confuse me. I’d always prefer to be cold rather than hot (yay winter!). And I agree—humidity is worse than dry heat. The temperature mixed with the moisture creates this terrible, stifling ‘i-can’t-breathe’ feeling. I hate it. 

*suffocates in the heat* 

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Yeah, about two weeks ago it was nice and cool and then suddenly it decided to actually feel like July. And I went to the beach yesterday, and got a super bad and painful sunburn on my back and shoulders (owww) even though I put on sunblock--which is not supposed to happen! My skin type (which is different than the pale skin of all my other family members, it's kind of light olive [sort of]) and I never get sunburns! But I did yesterday. *Wails* It's not fun. 

Back to the topic--I definitely think humid heat is worse. Because I'm pretty sure it's proven that a temperature feels hotter when there's more humidity. And when I, personally, am humid, I feel super gross and get really cranky and miserable. And humidity is also horrible for me because not only do I feel horrible, my hair gets super poofy and gross and that just adds to my discomfort. And here's something scary--it feels like it's going to be humid today. *Runs away screaming* 

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I remember there used to be a time when the heat didn't bother me, but I've begun to hate it. I hate humid heat. You hardly even breathe. Actually, I dislike humidity in general, whether it be cold or hot. I really like that dry, crisp cold, like you get in the fall. Dry heat is bearable, because at least you can breathe in it.

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I've never been sunburned past getting slightly pink in the face, which aways fades by the next day, so I don't have to worry about that. But where I live, the winters get really cold and the summers get very warm (for an area that's about 10 degrees farenheight from around November to March, or April sometimes). So I'm alright at dealing with the cold, but heat? Nooooo. It's 80-90 degrees farenheight out basically all summer, and I cannot deal. Save me.(Air conditioning is the BEST.) Anyways.... I'd say humid heat is worse, because not only is it unbearably hot, it's sticky. With dry heat at least you can swim, or drink a lot of water, or have a popsicle and still exist outside. 

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Khai says prvt. Prove it? Okay. *puts Khai outside*

<aaah> <hott> <hmid> <isss> <wrse>

Like I said. 

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I love hot weather!

But as for dry versus humid? Haha! It's almost NEVER hot without humidity where I live. Summers are always sticky and suffocating here.

I don't mind the humidity. It's like a warm blanket, and makes the water feel so much more refreshing when you're swimming.

Usually I don't mind humid heat, but I don't love it either. I'd much rather have dry heat.

But any heat is better than cold winter. 

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humidity is worse, it just feels so gross and sticky, also in dry heat drinks don't sweat so they don't  make everything wet. I also live in michigan and we never really have dry heat and I don't like the humidity, I've only been in dry heat like once (That I can remember) in Arizona and I liked it a lot more than humidity, humidity can also make it hard to breathe and makes it feel like you're super sweaty and need to shower even if you don't

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