Dear Everybuggy,

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Dear Everybuggy,

Dear Everybuggy,

 You've heard this phrase one centillion (1 followed by 303 zeros) times already, but let me add one more: YOUR MAGAZINE IS THE BEST!!! I love looking at the covers of the issues and making up stories in my head about them. I really like the cover for the January 2019 issue (A fox sleeping). In my story the guardian of the forest, the mighty fox, is sleeping deep in the frosted earth. But then spring comes, and the fox is able to protect the lush forest. But, even more than the covers, I love the stories. I love this one story in your April 2018 issue (Which I love the cover of as well) called 'What It Was Like to Be a Music Prodigy Ninety Years Ago in Hungary'. I myself love music and play the piano. Overall, your magazine is the best!

Dear Teardrop Fox,

Thank you for your nice letter. We're pleased to hear that you like Cricket and especially enjoy our covers.


Old Cricket

submitted by Teardrop Fox, age 12, Minneapolis, MN
(July 6, 2019 - 5:07 pm)