Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket




Cerinthe, where is Beverly?

She's gone.





To be honest...I don't know if she was really here in the first place. But she's definitely gone now. And I must say I don't regret it. We loved her, but she was fake, there's no denying.  

*sigh* Yes, I guess I always thought that. She didn't fit with us. She's you wanted to be. for why I wanted that, though, I don't know. But I'll be...what's that cheesy phrase? "True to myself" now. Because I'm not really a flirt, or sassy, or hot tempered or fashionable or charismatic.

And Christy?

Fading, too. Into...another one.

Another AE?

Yes. Introducing ...  



*stretches, waking from her sleep for the first time*. Hi, everyone. This is...great to be here.

This is Daisy.

And here we have Patrick. I don't like it but here he is...

Don't like me? What's wrong? What did I ever do?

A lot. Geez. Anyway, their appearances are:


Light brown hair and brown eyes though he can shapeshift into different animals: deer, lizards, birds.


Shoulder length black hair and sparkling blue eyes, not skinny.





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Goodbye, Beverly and Kristy, we'll miss you always and forever!! And HI, Daisy and Patrick, I'm Sage! *thumbs-up and double-chin smile*

You will be missed, Beverly and Kristy. It's okay to want to stay true to yourself when it comes to your AEs; Luna has done the same thing. And welcome, Daisy and Patrick. *retreats quickly from socializing*

I'm sad to see you go, Beverly and Kristy! A-and welcome to you, Daisy and Patrick! I, um, I'm Song...!

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